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Why My Gmail Not Working on iPhone? Here's is How to Fix

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Top Hacks To Ensure That Gmail Works On Your iPhone

Are you a dedicated Gmail user who is unable to access your account on iPhone? Well, worry not as there are thousands of other users who face this issue almost every day. However, there some easy ways to fix the issue without any hassle and this won’t take so much of your time as well. Since there could be many reasons that may have result in your Gmail not working on iPhone issue, some common hacks can easily help you to get rid of it quickly. Here’s how.

Top Hacks To Fix The Gmail Issues On Your iPhone Device

The following methods will let you fix the Gmail not working on iPhone problem without any hassle on your own.

Make a Check For Gmail Updates & Alerts On your iPhone Web Browser

  • Launch the Safari or Chrome web browser and visit the Gmail sign-in page.

  • Mention the Gmail sign-in credentials and then scroll to the bottom to select “mobile Gmail site”

  • Next, find the alert message in your inbox such as “We blocked a sign-in attempt” or “Someone has your password” and then select “Review Your Devices Now” or “That Was Me” alternatives for resolving the login issues.

Enable the Gmail IMAP Settings In Your iPhone Device

  • Open Safari or Chrome and then switch to the Gmail sign-in webpage to access your account.

  • Here, move to the Gear icon for selecting Settings and then jump to the 'Forwarding and POP/IMAP' section

  • Find the IMAP Settings and then enable them.

Do The Gmail Account CAPTCHA Reset

  • In your Safari or Chrome, Navigate to the Gmail CAPTCHA reset page and then enter the login credentials of your account for getting access.

  • Now, try logging into your iPhone device and see if you are able to get access to your Gmail account.

Furthermore, if you are still facing the Gmail not working on iPhone issue then try re-adding your account into your device. However, if the problem continues then contact tech-support at Gmail for better assistance.

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