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Stop Your iphone Overheating Issue - Here's How To Fix it?

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Apple has launched its latest iPhone series, are iPhone series; many people have purchased the iPhone pro after seeing its features after it, but with the features sometimes comes complication as well. Many people report a heating issue. To fix this there are various fixes you can try on your own. If you are looking for how do I fix my iPhone after overheating, then you need to know the fixes of the iPhone pro overheating issue. 

  1. Try disabling you're always on display
  2. Update to the latest ios
  3. Remove lock screen widgets
  4. Temporarily shut down the device
  5. Turn on low power mode
  6. Turn off the location
  7. Avoid using the phone under direct sunlight
  8. use a non-fast charger
  9. Remove the phone from the charge
  10. Replace the mobile if the problem persists 

 Why Does My iPhone 13 Pro Heat Up so Fast?

The reason why your iPhone 13 pro is getting heat up so fast

  • You are using a phone for a very long period
  • Playing high-end games on your mobile
  • Using too many apps in the background and not closing them properly after use
  • A glitch in the software, which is temporary
  • You are using the GPS services for more time than usual

What Happens When Your iPhone Overheats?

You must use the iPhone when the temperature is between 0 and 35 degrees. Low temperature may cause the device to change its behavior to regulate its temperature. However, the ios devices are built to prevent overheating. If the interior temperature of the device exceeds the normal operating range, then the iPhone will protect the internal components by attempting to regulate its temperature. So if you are facing heating issues with your iPhone, then no need to worry; you can follow the steps for cooling your iPhone temperature.

How Can I keep My iPhone Temperature Cool?

If you want to keep the temperature of your iPhone cooler, then you have to note and follow some of the steps.

  • Remove the case.
  • Never leave your phone in the car when the sun is thereAvoid direct sunlight entirely.
  • You should avoid playing graphically advanced games as they may cause the processor to overheat your device.
  • Stop using your Bluetooth services.
  • Turn off location services.
  • You should not charge your phone when it's heated; wait for it to cool itself .

Is iPhone 13 Heating Normal?

Yes, it is normal for an iPhone to heat, so if after or while using your iPhone, it gets heating, then it is normal for your phone to get heated. 

It is evident that almost all phones heat, so the same is true with the iPhone; many users reported overheating issues in their iPhone 14 pro and iPhone 13 pro. People need to follow some steps to prevent their iPhones from overheating. It would help if you avoided certain conditions which may cause the issue of overheating in your iPhone, so after you take care of all the mentioned things, you won't be facing any issues. By following the same, you will be able to maintain the temperature of your iPhone, which will help you. 

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