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Solutions to Fix the Requested System Device Cannot Be Found Error

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This type of issue is quite familiar with tech users; when they pursue their device Windows booting system, and it isn’t correctly tasked, the user ahead of this tries to rebuild MBR under the command prompt that too with Windows installation media bootable via USB drive. Thus, in case to understand why The Requested System Device Cannot Be Found, you are requested to read the following passage from here; you can quickly accumulate causes, and other than this, how easily you can fix the requested system device cannot be found as there are few quick and easy steps to build accordingly.

Causes of The Requested System Device Cannot Be Found Error:

There are a few causes that you must know about the requested system device that cannot be found error, and to gather information on the common issues, Let us discuss the causes:- 

  • USB drive interface error
  • BIOS partition type not adequately updated 
  • EFI partition is missing or corrupted 
  • Windows didn’t find the correct partition
  • Or it could be Windows installation and USB boot mode are incompatibilities 

These are a few common issues that are going to happen within your device under the installed windows; however, if you need to learn about the steps and points that are about fixes of the requested system device cannot be found, then in that case below passage will provide complete guidance for sure.

How to Fix The Requested System Device Cannot Be Found Error? 

Now, from here, you can pick the easy tips and tricks to quickly get through the errors you have read from the above section and apply such prompts as described below for your appropriate guidance.

Repair MBR via EaseUS Partition Master: 

  • First, you need to create a WinPE bootable disk and then launch EaseUS Partition master, tap over Bootable Media, and click next to finish the process.
  • Or else you may also proceed with Boot EaseUS Partition master Bootable USB; for that, press F2 and then follow onscreen prompts to take proper assistance. 

Rebuild MBR;

  • First, click over Toolkit and choose Rebuild MBR.
  • From here, select the disk, enter MBR, and then tap the Rebuild icon. 
  • Finally, the rebuild MBR process will be completed on Disk X.

Another best source to set it correct is to execute the procedure under the command prompt;

  • For the first step, launch Windows 10 by using UEFI and then start the command prompt. 
  • You shall enter the following command and tap the enter button (diskpart, list volume, select volume 3, assign letter=z, and exit)
  • After this, you can rename the BDC file from BCD to BCD.bak, and further prompts complete over the same page. 
  • Lastly, exiting the command prompt and restarting your device would be best.

Henceforth, if you get such a requested system device that cannot be found, then do not get hyper because, with the help of using the easy steps of fixes mentioned above, you will retain your Windows system back to default settings or you can also reach out for help direct from your device support team agents as they are available 24/7 to assist with your queries.

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