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What Causes USB Tethering Not Working?

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When you connect a phone through the USB cable to a PC, then it is said to be USB tethering. While connecting through this, you can identify each detail available in the phone and be able to connect with the internet. If you are not able to access it, then there might be a certain condition response for that. Thus, you can recognize the cause of USB Tethering Not Working by reading to the bottom points.

  • A default USB cable
  • Faulty USB tethering driver
  • PC is having a problem
  • Compatibility issues
  • PC USB not working

How To Fix USB Tethering Not Working in Windows PC? 

When you connect your device through a USB cable to a PC, you can have remote access. But sometimes, this might need to be more challenging and cause a problem in establishing a connection. If you are going through a similar phase, then you can use the bottom tips to fix the same.

Manage USB setting

When you have a USB cable to connect with a Windows PC for the usage of the internet, then the foremost reason for that could be a malfunction of the setting. Whenever your setting gets disrupted, then you might go under such problems. So, foremost, you get to check that setting and set it to default.

Check USA cable

When your setting is fine and you still have internet problems, your cable might be an issue. The important link between mobile and PC is cable; if a problem lies in it, you could face difficulty establishing a connection. So before going to the conclusion, you could check by using an alternative, and that might fix your problem. 

Try other available ports

On a PC, you could get multiple ports to connect a usb device. If there is a problem with any of those, then you can also have a hard time with USB tethering. Thus, to avoid these problems, you can try checking another available and try to make a connection.

Update the window of the PC

When your window is not updated, and you're still on the older version, then you could also have difficulty connecting to the PC using USB. Moreover, you get to check the current status of the window in their settings, and if a new update has arrived, then complete the process. 

Why is USB tethering not working in Windows 10?

\When you are willing to connect your device with the help of a USB cable in the window but are having trouble doing that, then several might be responsible for that. But the major one is using an out-of-date window version. In order to make this correction, you get to update your windows, and they try to connect the same. Still, if you are having a similar problem, then you get to the respective customer service and repair the same.

How do I update my tethering driver? 

When you could use an older USB tethering driver, then you might find it difficult to connect to a PC. If you are willing to avoid those conditions, then you can make that happen by updating the same, and the process for doing that is listed at the bottom:-

  • First, open your device and go to the control panel
  • After that, choose Network & Internet and then the network connection
  • Further, select "Remote NDIS based Internet Sharing Device and choose the properties icon 
  • Later on, click on the Configure icon and click on the update options

How do I permanently enable USB tethering? 

When you have to access the internet constantly through USB tethering, then you can enable the same permanently. If you are blank on this mode, then you can act along the steps lying at the bottom.

  • Firstly, go to the control panel
  • Then, select Network & Internet and choose the Internet icon
  • Further, click on the network connection
  • After that, switch on the device and use the same.

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