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How Do I Fix Windows Security Not Opening in Windows 11?

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Windows security is a free default security system available in Windows software. There can be a case where the security system needs to be fixed. And if you’ve not even installed a third-party antivirus system, your computer is without protection. In this case, you must ensure that your security system is working correctly. You can turn the security on to fix it, update the windows, disable third-party antivirus applications, or reset the security application. 

Why is Windows Security not opening?

With advancements in today’s technology, the threat or attack of external threats, such as malware, viruses, spyware, etc., is also increasing. To get rid of this, Windows security is there to protect. But you come across trouble due to which windows security not opening. And you wonder about the reasons for the same, find them:

  • Corrupted File— If there is installation of some corrupted file in your device, Windows Security may not open swiftly, and the issues will keep on coming. 
  • External threat— It is seen that when there is some hidden virus in your system, this may also prevent Windows Security from working properly. 
  • Security center service— This service runs naturally when the PC or your system starts. Due to some reasons, if it fails to restart, the same concern can occur. 

How do I fix Windows security not opening in Windows 11? 

Troubles occur when users find complexity while using Windows security not showing up appropriately in Windows 11. This prevents them from combatting all the external threats. Thus, Below are specific methods you can adopt in order to fix Windows Security not opening in Windows 11:

Reset the app. 

  • To begin the process, click on the Search bar on your device. 
  • Click on the “App Settings.” 
  • Once done, you have to click on the “Repair” button under the Reset section. 
  • This method may fix the same concern. 

SFC and DISM Scans. 

  • Primarily, you have to tap on the Power User Menu (Press Window Key+X).  
  • Type the command “sfc/scannow.” 
  • Once you complete this, you will be able to get rid of the concern. 

Clean Boot. 

  • First, you have to click on the two tabs together, “Window Key and R.”
  • Then, you have to tap on the Run Dialog and type “msconfig.”
  • Right below the Services, tick the “Hide all Microsoft services” box. 
  • Then tap on the “Disable all” tab to finish the method. 

NOTE: This method will come into work when you realize that there is a certain application that is causing it to malfunction in your system. 

How Do I Turn on Windows Security in Windows 11?

You must follow the simple path provided below. 

  1. Choose the option of “Start.” 
  2. Now make the selection of the “Settings” option. 
  3. Tap on “Update and security.” 
  4. Select the Windows security.” 
  5. Click “Virus and threat protection.” 

You can turn on the virus and keep your system protected. 

What is the command to enable Windows Security?

There are different users who look forward to knowing the command to enable the window security option to protect their device from any external threat that may damage their system. Please have a look:

  • Simultaneously, you have to tap on the CTRL+ALT+W.  
  • This is the command key to enable the same. In case you experience any trouble, you are recommended to get in touch with an expert who can show you an appropriate way. 

How to Open Windows Security in Windows 11 as an Administrator? 

To open windows security as administrator, you must follow the steps below. 

  1. Press Windows + R and write Admin in the dialog box. 
  2. Now press ctrl + shift + enter to open the admin access. 
  3. Double click Anti Spyware. 
  4. You have opened the security as an admin. 

How do I force Windows Security to start? 

Many times, users look forward to making a force restart to Window Security so it can start functioning smoothly. So, below are the steps that one has to follow; please look:

  • Tap on the Window + R to commence the method. 
  • In the space, you have to type windowsdefender. 
  • And once you do that, tap on the “Enter” key to finish the method. 

How Do I Reinstall the Windows security App?

For reinstallation, stick to the procedure below. 

  1. Tap “Windows terminal” in the start menu. 
  2. Select Windows Powershell. 
  3. Give the further command, and your system will restart. 

Do I Need a Separate Antivirus Program if I Have Windows Security?

If you have windows 10 or 11, your computer will be protected because it has a default security program. You won’t need any third-party antivirus. Your computer will be permanently protected.

Final Words

The given discussion will provide you with complete guidance to fix any technical error of Windows Security now opening on Windows 11. Additionally, there is some other information, such as a command to enable it, force restart, etc., that is useful for you in many ways. 

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