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How Do I Fix Windows Security Not Opening in Windows 11? - [Fixed]

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Windows security is a free default security system available in Windows software. There can be a case where the security system needs to be fixed. And if you’ve not even installed a third-party antivirus system, your computer is without protection. In this case, you must ensure that your security system is working correctly. You can turn the security on to fix it, update the windows, disable third-party antivirus applications, or reset the security application. 

What to Do if Windows Security is Not Opening?

If the windows security is not opening, you must ensure that you have taken the troubleshooting steps. 

Solutions to Fix Windows Security

You can see some troubleshooting steps below if Windows security is not opening windows 11. That will help you to get your windows security working again. 

Turn the Security on

Yes, you can turn the security on. That is the most basic and simple thing you have to do. At times when you turn off the windows security by mistake, then because of that, viruses can affect your system. So, ensure that the security is on. 

Update the Windows

To update, you can follow the steps that are given below. 

  1. Select the start menu bar. 
  2. Now choose the option of settings. 
  3. Now select Win + I together. 
  4. Scroll and tap the “Windows update.” 
  5. Select the option to “Check for updates.” 
  6. Your windows will begin the search for updates. 
  7. Install the updates, and your issue is going to be fixed. 

Disable the Antivirus of a Third Party. 

If you have installed a third-party antivirus, you must ensure you disable it. At times, third-party applications can affect the performance of the default windows settings. For that, you can follow the steps that are given below. 

  1. Select the start menu. 
  2. Now click the settings option. 
  3. Tap the “App” option. 
  4. Now choose the App and features button. 
  5. Search for your antivirus. 
  6. Select it, and then tap the control of “Uninstall.”

Now your Windows security will start working again.

How Do I Turn on Windows Security in Windows 11?

You must follow the simple path provided below. 

  1. Choose the option of “Start.” 
  2. Now make the selection of the “Settings” option. 
  3. Tap on “Update and security.” 
  4. Select the Windows security.” 
  5. Click “Virus and threat protection.” 

You can turn on the virus and keep your system protected. 

How to Open Windows Security in Windows 11 as an Administrator? 

To open windows security as administrator, you must follow the steps below. 

  1. Press Windows + R and write Admin in the dialog box. 
  2. Now press ctrl + shift + enter to open the admin access. 
  3. Double click Anti Spyware. 
  4. You have opened the security as an admin. 

How Do I Reinstall the Windows security App?

For reinstallation, stick to the procedure below. 

  1. Tap “Windows terminal” in the start menu. 
  2. Select Windows Powershell. 
  3. Give the further command, and your system will restart. 

Do I Need a Separate Antivirus Program if I Have Windows Security?

If you have windows 10 or 11, your computer will be protected because it has a default security program. You won’t need any third-party antivirus. Your computer will be permanently protected.

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