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[10 Easy Steps] How to fix Facebook not working on WiFi?

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Can't connect to Facebook but wifi is working?

Facebook needs a little introduction. It is the largest social media platform and growing. It is a service that not only helps connect your near and dear ones but also helps you connect your business and attract customers to your business.

Ways to fix if your Facebook not working on Wifi:

If you are one of the Facebook users and if you are not able to login into your Facebook despite the fact that your wifi is working then you are at the right place. In this post, we will address your problem of Facebook not working on wifi.

Check for simple mistakes:

You may not face the issue on the desktop, but you may encounter such an issue on the mobile version of Facebook. If you have had an update on the app then it is likely that you might face it. If you are on new wifi such as at your friends or some other place then also you might face an issue of different wifi setting of your phone. Make sure you select the right wifi and type the correct password for the network. Also, the issue could be that you typed in the wrong credentials. Try resetting your password.

Solve loading related issues on wifi:

If Facebook is not loading on wifi then here are some measures that may help you out:

Close and restart your phone and router:

You can shut your phone and if the need is even your router and then wait for 10 seconds and then restart your systems. This may solve your problem and if it doesn’t then follow the next option.

Clear the cache and the temporary data:

You can clear the cache and clean the temporary data to see if it works for you

Disable third-party extensions in the browser:

If you are on a browser then you can try disabling the third party extensions

Try a different browser:

Try a different browser and check whether you are able to log in now.

Fully close the Facebook app and all dependent apps:

Sometimes some other apps are using Facebook too. You can close the apps which are using Facebook and see if you can now log in.

You need to check the system updates:

Maybe your system needs to be updated. Most updates remove bugs from your system software. Maybe updating your software may help you out.

Check for the updates for your Facebook app:

  • See if there are any updates available for the app itself. Update it and might solve your problem.
  • Check the speed of your connection and see if they meet Facebook requirements:
  • Facebook works when the network that you are using is providing it the minimum required speed. You can test the speed and see if your connection is fast enough.

Uninstall the Facebook app and then reinstall it back:

You can uninstall the app and reinstall it to see if whether your problem is still lingering or it has vanished.

If you are still having problems then may you can check your router configurations and try fixing them and see if it resolves the issues of loading the Facebook app on your phone.

Hope you will find a solution with the above options. Feel free to contact Facebook at their help center to resolve the matter. You can provide us your valuable feedback if you liked our post. We will appreciate it like anything.

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