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Know How to Use Google Chat? Chat with Google

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How to use Google chat? Help with Google Chat

Google is one of the biggest and best search sites in the world. In today's era, Google plays an important role in student's education and it also helps teachers in improving their proficiency. Google helps us in finding the information about any data easily within seconds. It is also considered a trustworthy resource because it provides better and relevant results about any data. Google continuously updates their content of research and focuses on their users and their satisfaction as well. In this topic, we are going to discuss how to use Google Chat. 

Google Chat

It is a communication software built by Google which allows group discussion and helps in sending direct messages as well. Google chat also involves Google Drive. Along with group messages google chat involves the function of Google Drive which helps in sharing the content. To use google chat you will have to go to the Gmail settings first and then from there, you will have to turn on the Google Chat option. Over there you can test up the experience of how it works and take a look at it. At any point in time, you can switch back to classic hangouts in Gmail settings. 


  • The existing conversation done in the classic hangouts will also appear in the google chat. 
  • Automatically the messages will be sent to the users who use classic hangouts and not google chat. 
  • In case a user from classic hangouts wants to message the google chat user then the user can message and a pop-up notification will appear in the google chat. 
  • In case of sending the feedback in the chat the user will have to open the Google chat app first and then click on the menu and enter your comment on the box and after finishing it click on the send button. 

How to use Google chat? 

Google chat services are available for the users to ease their problems and complications that they face while using Google and its related services. Well, Google users utilise Google services on different devices and hence we are going to cover a detailed account of the steps that the users can stick to in case they want to use the Google chat option. 

Google chat help for Android devices:

  • First and foremost the users are required to visit the Google play store and there you are required to download Google chat or the Gmail app.
  • Open the application once the download is complete and over.
  • Next, you are required to Sign in to your Google account. 

Google chat help for the iOS users:

  • If you are using an iPhone or an iPad, then you are required to visit the App store on your device. 
  • On the App Store, enter the chat app or the Gmail app and start the download.
  • Once the download is complete you are then required to open the just downloaded application.
  • Perform the Sign-in process for your Google account and you are done.

On your computer, you are required to visit the Google chat option by entering the same in your browser. Sign in to your Google account and you are done. 

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