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Which Is Better Gmail or iCloud?

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There is always confusing to choose between iCloud and Gmail. However, it could be easy for you to go through the comparison. Here in this write-up, you will grab every piece of information about it. Based on this, you can select one and leverage it. 

iCloud Vs. Gmail better: Everything you should know about it!

When it comes to operation, then Gmail is much better than iCloud. It is user-friendly, and it does not matter whether it is accessed by the new user or the old; everyone can operate it efficiently. 

In terms of loading page, Gmail is much better than iCloud; it is fast and high response time. In iCloud, it depends on the file size, so that the response time may vary from one user to another. However, if we compare the function of the devices, then both are equally managed well in any device. You can smoothly operate this one phone, desktop, and laptop. But, you may find a slightly better performance of iCloud on the devices that have apple hardware.

Major Comparison between iCloud vs. Gmail - History

iCloud was first released on 21st October 2011, and Apple Inc developed it.

Google introduced Gmail on 1st April 2004. 


What is the pricing of iCloud?

There are three plans; you can access any one of them. These three are premium ones, so you have to bear some fee. 

  • 1st plan for $0.99 per month 
  • 2nd plan for $2.99 per month 
  • 3rd plan for $9.99 per month 

What is the pricing of Gmail?

Gmail comes for free but up to a sure GB. Initially, you can access 15GB of storage space. If you use more even 100Mb, you have to go with the premium version. There is a specific amount of $5, and it will be based on per month.


Storage Of iCloud

On iCloud, you are getting storage that is free up to 5GB. For further storage, you can get 50GB, 200GB, and 2TB. 

Storage of Gmail

In this, you can get free up to 15GB to save the entire document, photos, gallery, and other data. The storage may go up to 30GB in the premium version, and you can ask for more if you need it.


Interface: Gmail vs. iCloud 

Aqua is the interface that is employed in the iCloud. In Gmail, a Gmail interface has been used that makes the processing customer and user friendly.

Security System

Whose security system is best: Gmail or iCloud?

It will be a tie when discussing the security system of the world’s best technical firm products. Here Gmail and iCloud both ensure full security and do not allow the external malware activity to let in. In terms of security, you can choose either of them.

Customer Support

Gmail comes with live support that helps the user to get the solution fast and easily. Here you can run the recovery process by connecting to the person. It is fast and convenient. In the case of iCloud, you are getting the same, but some processes may take time, as a recovery of the account or lost ID and password. But, both Gmail and iCloud issues are managed by the real person.

Personal Use

Which one is good for personal use?

In businesses or the professional world, most people use both. It means they provide the best to their customers and users. But in the case of Personal use, you can choose Gmail as you can see you have to spend less on the premium Gmail services. Even you are getting free storage more than the iCloud.


Which is safer Gmail or iCloud?

Both are best at their function, and there is no such report where users lose data or other information. They come with two-factor authentication, which turns the system more secure and safe. With this, you can be confident that you are getting the best in terms of security. 

It is all a comparison between iCloud vs Gmail, and now it is up to you which one is suitable for you and provides fast results. You can connect with the customer service person to know more about it.

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