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How Do I Fix Google Chrome Aw Snap? Fix "Aw, Snap!" Error

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Google is a world leader in web apps. They have many services for people to use. It is like name the service, and you have it kind of company of the world. From browser to mail, from document editor to spreadsheet, and from ad services to an entire OS and a cloud service. Most of us use their free services, such as the Chrome browser and Google Search.  However, there are enterprise-level users too. As a user, we don’t know the technicalities of how things work. But they are pretty complex and hard to interpret. Google does work day in day out to keep everything in place but sometimes we as a user has to depend upon other services such as internet service provider. If everything is working in harmony, then we might not have any problems at all.

Aw, Snap! is a crash page. That is when your page crashes at Google Chrome; then Chrome aw snap error page shows up. If this page shows up, then you will have to take certain measures, which we are going to see in this post. So, sit tight and read on.

Why does this page Aw, Snap! comes up?

This page is generally thrown up by Chrome when it has some loading problem in loading your desired web page. The general problems associated with this Aw, Snap web page. The following are the cases when you might see the web page AW, Snap:

  • Chrome is not able to reach a page
  • Glitches at the end of the website
  • An HTTPS site might throw up
  • A picture might not be loading
  • Or a new tab is not loading
  • Under the above circumstances, you get the Chrome aw snap error page.

How to fix the problem of "Aw Snap" in Chrome?

You can simply try reloading the page as a Chrome Aw, Snap! Error fix. If the problem frequents you, then you can also try the following measures:

Check the connection of your internet

If your internet connection is unstable or fluctuating, then you might face this error rather frequently. You can check your connection and establish it if you are not connected. Once connected, you can simply try to reload the page or tab with the error.

Try clearing your Cache

Sometimes there is some information with Chrome that does not allow it to load pages properly or prohibit pages from loading entirely. By clearing the Cache, you can remove such information blocking Chrome’s way.

Try closing other tabs, apps, and extensions

Free up some memory. It may happen that the memory is full, and closing some tabs and other apps which are not required can help Chrome to function properly.

Restart your device

Sometimes your device needs rebooting as some apps may prevent result in Google Chrome from functioning properly. Or if you have not rebooted your device for a long time. A restart may help.

Update Google Chrome

If you are facing a problem, then it might be possible that your Chrome is not updated. Try updating your Chrome by pressing the three dots on the upper right corner of the browser next to the extensions. Click on settings from the menu, drops in. then go to About Chrome. Chrome will check for an update and ask you to Relaunch Chrome.

Remove unwanted software

Some unwanted software can turn your device into a slow system. Try spotting them out and remove them completely if you find any of them.

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