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A Guide to Fix Google Chrome Freezing/Crashes on Windows

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Guide to fix Chrome freezing on windows

As we know, Google chrome is an instant, unique web browser used by millions of users across the World. But it is evident that with so many Google chrome features, it can sometimes be stuck with a simple issue. Most common is Google chrome freezing, and it is seen various times. If you are dealing with the issue of google chrome freezing on windows. We also get to see multiple reasons which stuck the users while operating Google chrome. 

Let us see the reasons behind the Google Chrome freezing issue

There are various reasons which lead to Google chrome freezing. The users need to identify the grounds and then find the solution. 

Too many tabs are open

As we know, if there are too many tabs get opened by Google chrome users, they get stuck sometimes, which is a common issue faced by the users. For clearing this problem, users can remove another tab that gets opened.

Third-party apps & extensions

It is possible that the third-party apps and extensions can interfere in the google chrome proceedings. So, always ensure that to keep Google chrome in check while using other apps or extensions.

Virus or malware strikes

These days it is common behind google chrome freezing as w know that is many malware & viruses which can easily affect Chrome’s operation. It can also harm the system’s management. To clear this issue, always keep an antivirus installed in your system and connect it to the apps & applications.

Let us see how to fix chrome freezing on Windows:

Yes, Chrome can freeze, slows down, or get crashed many times. But in this situation, stay calm and try with the below-mentioned methods:

  1. Close Chrome tabs
  2. Restart the Chrome
  3. Reboot the computer
  4. Disable chrome apps & extensions
  5. Uninstall & Reinstall chrome

Close Chrome tabs:

As we know that if several tabs get opened, then your system is run out of memory. It becomes impossible to load Google chrome with its extensions. Therefore, it is essential to close all the browser tabs.

Restart the Chrome:

It is the most common & straightforward troubleshooting. We just restart Chrome to decrease the load on google chrome.

Reboot the computer:

Yes, it can be effective in solving the Google chrome issue. If you are dealing with these issues in these times, then Reboot the computer.

Disable chrome apps & extensions:

It is not easy to find the app or extension causing the error, so it is essential to disable all the chrome apps & extensions to deal with this issue.

Uninstall & Reinstall chrome:

Sometimes the issues can get solved by following this way. Firstly, Uninstall Google chrome & then Reinstall it.

As we see in the steps mentioned above, that is how to deal with chrome freezing on windows. If you have further doubts & queries, then get in touch with Google customer service.

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