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How do I cancel my subscription to

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How to cancel your subscription?

Becoming a member at is a golden opportunity that many choose to follow. But, sometimes, a user needs to cancel its membership due to various personal reasons. They discover themselves in a state of confusion as they lack information about the cancellation of the membership. You can effectively perform this task with the proper usage of terms and conditions of this relationship maker online portal. They can learn about the process to complete this by using the methods given below for numerous devices.

Method to cancel your subscription on Android

  • Unlock your Android device and land on its home screen to access all apps.
  • Please tap on the app to launch it and using all its features.
  • Login to your account by providing the correct credentials and gain its access.
  • Select the My Subscription button to choose the subscription plan to cancel.
  • Check the manage option and confirm to cancel your subscription.

Method to cancel your subscription on Desktop

Launch the official website of and move to its home page to obtain all options.
Now, log in to your account using the membership number and the required password.
Please move to the manage my subscription section in your account and give the necessary details.
Select Manage/Cancel membership > Continue the cancellation button > Answer the security questions to confirm cancellation.

Method to cancel your subscription on iOS

  • Open your iPhone by unlocking it and go to the iPhone settings.
  • Type in your name and choose iTunes & App Store.
  • Select the Apple ID by tapping on it, and you might need to sign in with official details.
  • Tap on the Subscriptions option and select the one you want to manage.
  • In the end, you are required to choose a cancel subscription to finish the cancellation process.

Bottom Line

Deleting your membership plan on is sometimes necessary, and a user can obtain the required details from the methods mentioned above. You can employ any devices given above to accomplish this task and gain the necessary details. To learn more about Cancel subscription, you can also consider contacting its customer service through the available contact methods. You can choose the membership plans and its management from its 24/7 active customer service team to gain assistance.

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