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How to Report a Problem to Instagram? Complain to Instagram

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Instagram is quite an eminent platform that provides users a method to interact with a person from any place. Even, many businesses are operated with this, but sometimes a person faces a technical glitch that creates a lot of problems while using it. You can report the issues and know you can go through this.

How to report a problem to Instagram?

  • Go to the profile picture and select the profile option 
  • You can see the hamburger menu, click on the Settings option 
  • Click on the help, and you can see the option for report a problem 
  • Now, you can see some instructions on the screen that you need to direct 
  • While doing this, you can attach the files or images too to make it simpler.

If it is a post:- click on “Three dots” over the post and select the “Report” tab. Select the report type and confirm.

If it is a message from any person:- go to that chat and open its information from the top right option. Click on the report chat, or select a particular message and tap “Report a message.”

If it is an account:- reach that account and click on the three dots from the top. Click on the “Report account” icon and select the topic for the reason to report.

How to report a comment?

Now, if you need to learn about the comment process, then you have just to follow these mentioned below easy & simple steps for your reference & help;

  • In the beginning, you have to visit the Instagram app via your device 
  • Now you will open the post on Instagram 
  • After that, you will comment on what you want, then swipe the left side, or you can also tap that comment
  • Now select the comment you prefer appropriate for the report reason 
  • Now accordingly tap on this is spam or this is inappropriate 
  • At last, you will submit the option that explains to you why you chose this inappropriate option
  • And also, keep in mind that user's reports are kept anonymous except when you report intellectual property.

How to report a comment on Instagram for abuse or spam?

As a regular user of the Instagram platform, the user might face some abuse or spam regarding the posts or some pictures or videos that might disturb the user's mindset for some moment. Then in that particular case, you should follow these steps through which you can smoothly & conveniently report a comment against the spam or abuse;

  • First, you will open the post & tap on the bottom of the post
  • Now on comment, you want to report, swipe left or tap that comment 
  • Now you will select the icon according to your device
  • Then you will report the comment & report this comment tap over it 
  • Tap this is spam or tap this is inappropriate
  • In the end, select the option & explain why the comment should be considered inappropriate language & submit it.

How to report a spam message?

If you are looking to report a spam message at the Instagram app, then you should go through these simple steps for reference;

  • In the beginning, open a conversation into the Instagram app
  • Now tap & hold on to the message you want to report
  • Here select the report option
  • In the end, select the reason why you are reporting the message & tap on submit report option.

How do I contact Instagram directly about a problem?

If you cannot follow direct the online steps or through Instagram to report a problem on Instagram, you can rely on the 1-650-543-4800 and email and let them know about the query. Though it may take some time to respond, you don’t need to direct the instructions online. It gives a prompt solution, and you can better understand the solutions from the live person.

Instagram live chat support

With live chat, get connects with the person is easy and effortless. First, move to the official page of it then you can see the option for the live chat. Then, just drop the query, and you can see the prompt reply. 
Instagram email support

You can see that you are not getting support with live chat, then you can go with this method. But this method may take at least 24 hours to respond. 


Does Instagram respond to report a problem? 

Yes, Instagram reports a problem and responds to the users. If reported something, users will get a notification in Support requests. There you can check the status about the issue you have reported. 

Can I email Instagram to report? 

Instagram users can mail the email to report. is the email address. This helpline is available 24 hours to the users. 

How long does it take for Instagram to respond to your email? 

Generally, Instagram responds within a week. However, you haven’t received any response within 2 weeks. First, check the spam folder. Send the email again if you don’t find a response in the spam folder. 

How do you submit a report to Instagram?

If you have any issues/concerns with the content on Instagram, users can report it to the Instagram app. use this process to report Instagram:

  • Open the chat in the Instagram app.
  • Tap the message if you have an issue.
  • Tap next to the selected message.
  • Choose Report.
  • Pick your reason after this, and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Now submit it.

How do I Report a Technical Problem on Instagram?

 You can report any technical issue from the settings of your account. Reach your profile page and click on the three bars to select the settings. Now, Click the “Report a problem” option. 

How Many Reports on Instagram can Delete an Account?

 It depends upon the likes, views, and followers of that account. If the reports are crucial and reported by more than expected people, then Instagram reviews the posts of that account and deletes them permanently. 

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