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How Can You Fix a Computer that won't Turn On

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Get Simple Tips to Fix When a Computer won’t Turn on Easily

A computer device is most important to fix when it gets affected by technical problems. If you are pressing a turning on the button but your computer device is not working, you might feel it so worst and get frustrated to fix it genuinely that’s because you don’t know how to fix a computer that won’t turn on. It is time to identify the cause of the issue that leads to finding out the clue to get the instant solution without getting more delay.

Cause of the Issue

  • It is essential to check for power supply issues.
  • Make sure that your monitor is functioning properly.
  • You need to check out the external hardware.
  • You must reset memory models and internet components due to which your computer won’t turn on.

Get Solution to Fix the Computer Turn On Issue

When your computer is not turning on and no fans are running no lights are blinking, you need to check out the power issue first to fix such an issue soon. Apart from this, if you are facing the same error but want to fix it instantly, you need to follow the below instruction to resolve this issue appropriately.

Make sure your files are OK:

When your computer won’t turn on, you can expect that your precious data has gone and due to which you are facing this trouble. If you lost any programmable file, this is for sure that your computer cannot run properly. You need to recover your data as soon as possible to stop this error soon.

No power during logging-in:

If you are trying to logging-in your computer with the correct password and username, you need to check all the cables and connecter device that sometimes does not provide access to power easily. It is checked hardware equipment to fix it like RAM, Motherboard, Chipset, IC, and so on.

Computer’s power is on but nothing happens:

You might check the power of your computer device, but it is not turning on, you must repair your computer device by restarting it and reboot your windows to repair and create the limited partition to run your PC smoothly.

See the POST during reboot your computer:

If you notice something on the screen when your computer is power on, but it stops and freezes over and over again during POST, you need to remove all the cables and connect all of them again and start your PC to see the result.

If you are facing the same issue and don’t know how to fix a computer that won’t turn on, you are required to contact our techies to get this issue fixed soon.

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