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How Do I Cancel My Norton Subscription and Get a Refund? 

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You can apply for Norton cancel subscription online because it is easy to access from anywhere, and you can get a refund after cancellation without any hassle. You can follow the below-mentioned cancellation procedure, which is easy to apply without any expert guidance.

  1. You need to move to the official page Norton.
  2. After that, log in through your account.
  3. You can go to my account section and click on it.
  4. Please scroll down to the subscription tab, which will show the cancel option, and click on it. 
  5. Go through the terms and conditions, then click " I agree " to confirm the cancellation.

At last, following the confirmed cancellation, you will get the refund request form, fill it and submit it to the authority. Finally, your refund will be requested in a few days, and you will get back to your same payment method. 

Can I Use Norton Without a Subscription? 

Yes, you can use Norton without a subscription for a 30-day free trial. After that, you need to activate or renew your subscription before the end of the trial or subscription duration to continue using all Norton features and protect your system, such as your laptop, computer, etc.

Can You Cancel Norton at Any Time? 

You can cancel your Norton subscription at any time. Still, you must remember that according to the Norton cancellation policy, your cancellation request will be valid at the end of the current subscription period. 

If you have purchased through a third party, you can cancel with the help of a third party and according to their instruction. Norton will cancel the subscription if the third party notifies the company.  

How Do I Stop Norton From Charging my Credit Card? 

You can stop Norton from charging my credit card with the help of the below-mentioned procedure.

  1. You can sign in with your Norton account.
  2. Go to my account page and click under the subscription.
  3. Now choose your subscription plan that has to be canceled, then click on cancel subscription renewal, or you can tap on unsubscribe. 
  4. At last, you confirm your cancellation, and you will see the credit card option, tap on it.
  5. Finally, remove your registered credit card details. 

How Long Does Norton Take to Refund?

Norton refund time can vary according to the payment type you used while buying the Norton subscription. If you have used a credit card, the expected time will be from 4 to 6 weeks; if it is a check or DD, it will take more than usual. 

Will My Subscription End if I Uninstall Norton? 

No, your Norton subscription will not end if you uninstall the Norton because uninstalling means you have removed the software. Still, you can download it again and put in your login details then it will automatically start your subscription. 

What Happens if I don't Renew my Norton Subscription?

If you do not renew your Norton subscription, then you cannot use the features and services of Norton further.

If you still have the question, How do I cancel my Norton subscription online? Then you can connect with the customer service executive via the toll-free number 000 800 100 7601, available 24 hours and seven days a. 


Does my Norton Sbscription Automatically Renew?

Most of the time, when you have access to a Norton subscription, the services offered have an automatic renewing option so that in case of the subscription lapses, it suddenly gets renewed automatically, and you, without any hindrance.

How Do I Stop Norton's Atomatic Rewal? 

To learn the proper steps for how do I cancel my Norton subscription, you must read the following section and get the steps placed under set place.

  1. First, you have to sign in to your Norton account 
  2. Then head towards my Account page and enter the account details 
  3. Now, you have the option to cancel, renew, or unsubscribe your subscription
  4. Next, click on confirm button, and you will receive a confirmation email and a message as soon as you cancel your subscription.

How Do I Manage my Norton Subscriptions? 

To manage my Norton subscriptions account, you can sign in with the correct account details, and after this, you have the option to subscribe, update, or profile, or you also have the opportunity to renew your protection.

How to Cancel Your Norton Subscription on Your Windows or Mac Computer?

To cancel the subscription to Norton on Windows or Mac computers, you need to log in to your account and, after this, follow the onscreen prompts of the Norton account.

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