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What is SMTP server for Yahoo? How to enable it?

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How You Can Enable SMTP Server on Yahoo Account? Check Here

SMTP or simple mail transfer protocol is the method to send and receive mail or messages. It is also known as the communication part of Yahoo. Basically, it is used for electronic mail transmission. It is safe and secure. 

There is a process, which occurs between sender and receiver. There are two servers, the first one is Sender’s mail servers and the second one is the receiver’s mail server. Both servers are connected to the internet. If it is lost, then the process may not get complete. 

With this, one can connect with the different computer for the particular network. When it comes to reliability, Yahoo SMTP stands in the first position. Within a few seconds, one can send the message promptly. 

If you don’t know how to use an SMTP server, then stick to this write-up. 

To learn how to enable the yahoo SMTP server to follow the below-mentioned steps. 

  • Create a new email Id or account
  • Set up a yahoo email address

After setting up the Yahoo email, you can see the “text-filled” option. In this, you have to write “” This is the mail that is set only for the outgoing mail. 

Now you might operate the business email account. In that case, you can use “”

  • Port number: Insert 465 on it. This number can vary. Sometimes it is 465 or 587. If you enter any other number except this, then the server may not get activated. 
  • SSL: You have to turn on the SSL option, if you skip this part, then SMTP might get fail to enable. 
  • Enter the yahoo email id and password, and then save your setting. 

Once you finish the process, then the SMTP option will turn on, and now you can send mail or messages directly from the program. 

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