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How Do I Fix a Black Screen on Startup Windows 10

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How do I fix a black screen on start-up windows 10?

Want to fix the black screen on windows 10? Then, here you will get the simple solutions to solve the issue coming in windows 10. The Black Screen of Death is a serious issue as it doesn't display the error message. It is a pure black screen with no features shown on the screen and no effect of movable mouse or keyboard tapping. Sometimes, these situations come in the window 10 but we have different types of solutions for it. This issue occurs during installations, updates, or randomly that is told by many users. It is like; nothing appears on the screen. Let’s have a look at the below content to know the reasons and solutions to get rid of the issue.

Possible reasons behind the Black screen issue:

Besides all this, there are many reasons behind the black screen on windows 10 that will also help in finding the solutions for it. Some of the reasons are given below:

  • Incomplete Windows 10 installation

  • Out-dated version of the windows

  • Software and driver issues.

  • Display and overheating issues.

  • Power supply issues.

Top 5 Working Ways to Fix the Black Screen Issue

  • Shut down the computer: To fix the issue, you should use a power button to turn off the computer. Disconnect the internet by removing the Ethernet cable or turn off the wireless adapters. Unplug the peripherals, power cord and others. Then, reconnect after some time and check if the issue is still persisting or not.

  • Enable safe mode: If the main cause is hardware performance problems, then loading the necessary programs will take less time. If you want to boot the system into Safe Mode, then start your computer and once the sign in screen appears, hold the shift key and then select the power button and restart the system.

  • Wake up the computer display: To turn on the display of the device, follow the below procedure:

  1. On the keyword, tap this.

  2. First, tap the Windows key.

  3. Then hit ctrl, shift and B all together.

  • Update your system driver: Make sure you update the drivers of the computer as this can be the reason for the issue. So update them to the latest version and then use it.

  • Reinstall the video card: Another possibility is that you are using a defective card so it is advised to reinstall the video card to get rid of the issue.

After implementing the above ways, the user can fix the black screen on startup windows 10 issue in a very comfortable manner. If you find any issue, then you are free to contact customer support to get higher solutions and assistance at the time of need. Additionally, the user can go to the help desk to solve their problems.

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