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How do I fix corrupted files on Windows 10? 4 Easy Ways

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How to fix corrupted files in Windows 10?

Are you facing issues in your Windows 10 due to corrupted files? If so, then you need not to worry as we will provide the related information on the same. A corrupted file in window 10 is one that is damaged and does not work properly. There are plenty of reasons behind this issue such as power outage, full system crash, problem in updating and many others. Go through the below described ways in order to resolve the corrupted file issue in window 10.

Different ways to resolve the Window 10 System File corruption:

  1. Use the Deployment Image Servicing and Management Tool (DISM): DISM is a popular free utility offered by Windows.  To run the DISM on your system, you need to follow below directions:
  • Go to start and write CMD in the search box.
  • Choose Run as administrator under the Command Prompt icon.
  • In the command prompt window, type some commands and hit enter.
  • You need to wait for a few minutes.
  1. Use SFC in safe mode: In order to fix the file corruption in Windows 10, you can even run System File Checker Tool in safe mode.
  2. Perform System Restore: System restore is a feature that allows users to revert their machine state to that of previous point in time. However, in order to use this feature, you need to enable the restore on your Windows 10 and also make a restore point. To use this feature, go through the below steps:
  • Go to start and type the System Restore in the search box.
  • Tap the create a restore point option.
  • Under the System Properties dialog box, click on the System Restore button.
  • After that, click on the next button.
  • Choose the current existing point and click the next.
  • Confirm beginning restore process by clicking on the Finish button.
  • Hold till the restore process gets finished and once the process is completed, your system will get restored to the previous point you have created earlier.
  1. Reset the Window 10: Window 10 reset deletes all your current applications and data. So, make sure you have taken backup of your files and data. To reset the Window 10 machine, you need to follow below steps:
  • Navigate to the Start and then power button. Hold the shift key and tap the Restart button.
  • Choose Troubleshoot and then reset this PC.
  • You will receive two options that are keep my files and Remove everything. Select the needed option.
  • Type your username and password, choose the window version and tap reset.
  • Follow the prompt instructions to end the process.

By following the above-mentioned ways, one can easily fix corrupted files in windows 10 in a very simple and effective manner. If you need further help, you can contact the customer care team for reliable and immediate assistance.

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