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What is a 550 Error in Outlook? How to Fix Outlook Error 550

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What is the Error 550 in Outlook and How to fix It

Outlook email often gets interrupted because of technical barriers and error code 550 is one of those. Often while logging in, such errors fall upon and affect the users disturbing them in middle of their work. However, if you exactly know how to fix it then fixing such glitches does not take much time.

What Exactly is Error 550 in Outlook Email?

Outlook error 550 happens in any computer or mobile phone if you are trying to set up the account and the device fails to reach out to the mail recipient. A lot of times there is some error with the SMTP settings and hence such error creates hustles while logging in the mail account.

Common reasons behind error 550 in outlook

1. There are very basic reasons behind the code error of 550 in Outlook enlisted below.

2. If you are trying to set up the account on a device but it fails to accept the username

3. In case there is any type of authentication error in the SMTP settings.

4. If you fail to set up the real Email client or ISP restrictions

5. If there is any virus or malware

Ways to Fix the Outlook Error Code 550

1. First of all configure the email address of the outlook. Go through the SMTP authentication and see if its configured properly or not.

2. A lot of times we think that we have entered the correct email address but it does not get accepted in the account. The thing is the username might be partially incorrect because of which this error occurs. Hence check the mail properly once. Maybe any character is in capital character but had to be in small letters.

3. In case there is any virus or malware in the device you are using, it can affect certain applications. Hence for once scan your entire device and install any antivirus if required.

4. In case there is any junk in your email folder then it might affect your SMTP settings causing this error. Hence clear all the cache files from the mailbox beforehand. 

And hence you are done! With some basic troubleshooting, Outlook error 550 can be resolved immediately. In case you have any doubts or issues, you can contact the customer care team of the Outlook. They will suggest an exact solution to such technical blockage.

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