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Email Not Working on WiFi iPhone: Here Is How To Fix

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A Quick Guide To Fix Email Not Working on Wifi iPhone

There are times when you try to get access to your email account on your iPhone device via using WiFi connection but could get an update on your recent emails or other activities. Well, this problem is quite common among many other Apple users, and also easily fixable. Therefore, read this post further to know about the simple fixes that can help you get emails in your iPhone.

Why is my Email Not Working on my iPhone? Here are Some Fixes

The following methods will help you to troubleshoot the Email not working on wifi iPhone problem within no time.

Try To Verify Your Wi-Fi Connection Info

  • In your iPhone, go to the settings and then select the WiFi option to see its settings panel.

  • Here, check if the WiFi option is enabled and if already yes, then toggle it off and again enable it to re-establish fresh connection.

  • Now, tap on your respective internet connection name/network and then hit the Renew Lease option for re-establishing the fresh connection.

Verify The Email Settings In Your Device

  • In your iPhone settings, move to the Mail, Contacts, Calendars section, and then choose the email account which is troubling you.

  • Now, check out the email account settings are correctly set up, and especially verify the Incoming Mail Server settings. In the event, if you have no idea about the mail server settings, then connect with the respective email provider and get better assistance, or you can also use Apple's Mail Settings Lookup tool.

Reset The Device Network Settings

  • Open up the Settings app in your iPhone, then navigate to the General settings and then select Reset.

  • Next, tap on Reset Network Settings and this will reset then network settings to the default.

Checkout The Device Update

  • In your iPhone’s Settings app, select the General settings, and then hit the Software Update option.

  • Now, select the Download and Install option, ensure the installation of the latest available updates.

Moreover, you can also check out your router & mode device to ensure that you have an active internet connection, but if not, then contact the support at Apple to get assistance on fixing the Email not working on wifi iPhone problem.


What to do when you are not receiving emails?

When you are using the email to transfer the text, spreadsheet, or file, you have stopped receiving the email. For that, here are a few things that you can do.

  • You can check your device storage.
  • Get to the junk email files.
  • Delete the unnecessary files from the inbox
  • Check the email setting and block list.
  • Close another open tab.
  • Log out from your account and log in again.

Why have my emails stopped coming through on my phone?

You cannot receive the email on your phone if your syn gets turned off. That mostly the sync has been placed in the automatic mode. Sometimes, it gets turned off automatically if any malware email is received. Thus, by getting to the setting of your phone and turning on the sync mode, you might be able to receive the email again.

How do I get my email back on my iPhone?

If you have deleted the email from your phone and desire to have it back, stick by the step below.

  • Open the email application on your iPhone.
  • Then you have selected the menu icon from the upper left corner.
  • From that, select trash mailbox options.
  • Now, select the message you wish to recover and click on the click.
  • Further, refresh your email, and you will get back email.

My iPhone Will Not Update Email Via wifi.

You cannot do that when you are trying to update your email via the wifi on your iPhone. Then check your wifi connection and know whether you have the proper plan. This might be the reason for email not working on wifi iPhone

Why Are My Emails Not Downloading From the Server on My iPhone?

If you are continuously trying but cannot download the emails from the server on your iPhone, then you might need to upgrade the iOS of your phone. The outdated divide will not download the email from the server, so you must update it.

Why Can't I Get an Email When Not on Wifi?

Your email not working on wifi iPhone because you may choose only wifi and disable the mobile data while downloading the emails on your divide. Go to the setting and disable the "only wifi" option.

Why is My Email Not Coming Through on My iPhone?

You might need to remember to sync the email on the phone. If sync is off, your device will not receive emails and will stop disturbing you. Go to the settings and ensure that automatic sync is enabled.

How Do I Reset my Email on my iPhone?

If you want to reset your email on your iPhone, then it is simple. You have to follow the below procedure:

  1. Open your email and go to the settings.
  2. Click on your email, and many options will appear.
  3. Click on password and then on change the password.
  4. Type a new password and follow the further instructions to reset your email.

How Do I Reconnect my Email to The Server?

After updating your divide, if it is still not getting emails from the server, you need to get to the settings and select your email account. Below the account details, a red circle with errors will be visible. Click on it and select reconnect the email.

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