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How do I fix my printer when it says offline?

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How do I fix my printer when it says offline?

When using the printing option with your printer, you find that it is not responding to any command. And when you checked the issue then you saw that it is offline and is not accepting any commands. To know how to get it fixed you can refer to the information mentioned further in this article. 

Troubleshooting Ways to Fix Printer Offline Issues! 

When users happen to work with these digital devices, it is quite natural to happen to get stuck with them. So to know how do I fix my printer when it says offline, you can refer to the information and tips to get it fixed. 

  1. Start by checking if your printer is turned on properly and is connected to the same wifi network as your computer. If not then you can turn off the printer and then turn it on and get it connected with the correct wifi. 
  2. Another way to get the issue fixed is by removing the printer and adding it once again in the devices. 
  3. If these steps also did not work then you can choose to restart your PC. And this can refresh the functions of the PC as well. 
  4. Users can even choose to reset your printer as the default printer and this can be done from your computer’s control panel and then selecting the Printers and Scanners option.  
  5. Choose to clear the print queue and make it clear for the next command. 

If the above steps and troubleshooting ways did not help you to resolve the issue then you shall not be disappointed. You are welcomed to contact the respective customer service experts of the printer. The experts are said to be present in the various platforms and will be delightfully helping users. 

So, if you are stuck the next time then you are always welcomed to contact customer service. 

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