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How to Resolve No Internet Access Problem in Wi-Fi?  - Sorted

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You can resolve your query-related issues regarding the internet with the help of the different methods mentioned below. There are different ways to fix the wifi at your home without any external guidance. 
You can restart your router; it will reboot the entire system and make it work once you restart it. If the light gets blinking red, then there is a problem with your modem that is not connected to the internet.

Wi-Fi Check-in

You can check the wifi and set the bandwidth because the wifi lights vary, but usually, it sets between 2.4G to 5G WLAN and wireless. Be aware that the light should be blinking green, not red, as it may be the problem with your router, and you can go for troubleshooting.

Why does my internet say connected but no internet? 

Once you have observed that your internet or wifi is connected, your respective devices show no internet connection. Then the most common problem that occurs is your internet provider outage. But before proceeding further, you can check those websites and social media pages to see whether there is any outage in your area. 


You are left with rebooting your modem and router. You can unplug the router and leave it for a minute; after some time, take the modem and plug it into it. The device will take around 10 minutes to reboot and back up power again. It may fix your no internet connection problem.

Is the problem with your internet signal or your wifi? 

The problem can be anything according to the type of location you have used to keep your wifi due to disruption. The signal gets disturbed like any object between your device and router. 
Sometimes the internet gets slower because of the bandwidth, and you can perform a speed test of your internet provider. Moreover, it can be an issue with the momentary network.

Ways to Boost Your Speeds or wifi Reach 

  • You can use a wireless range extender to boost the signal into dead spots in your house or office.
  • Then, Add some of the access points.
  • Speed up the data stream.
  • Update your routers and gateways and set the devices to the latest wifi six standards.
  • Lastly, fix your router in an open spot because sometimes connections get affected by the range or distance.

Why Does My Computer Keep Disconnecting From wifi?

  1. Firstly, Start your router again, or you can reset it to the default settings.
  2. Then, Try another method to update your wifi adapter drivers and firmware drivers. 
  3. Afterthat, Download firmware drivers from the manufacturer's website to avoid scams and outdated products.
  4. You can also connect to the internet service provider to check your connection area within the region.

Why isn't my wifi network showing up?

  1. You must ensure that your computer device is still within your router and modem range.
  2. then, move closer if it is far from your device's place.
  3. Go to advanced settings and then wireless after that, click on wireless settings.
  4. Now,Check the settings once and make sure that the SSID is not hidden.

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