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How Do I Get(Redeem) a Dell Student Discount

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A Brief Guide To Get A Student Discount On Dell

Dell has been one of the finest tech manufactures across the world, and its products & services are meant for almost every organization, professionals and of course – Students. The tech-giant also offers great services & discounts to students that can help them save at least 10% on their purchases for Dell laptops.

In addition, to get the student discount on Dell, one needs to have the discount code that can be fetched through UNiDAYS without any hassle. Since, UNiDAYS is a must for getting the student codes, one needs to verify himself as the student. Therefore, read this post further to know more.

What Is The Eligibility For Getting The Student Discount On Dell?

To take advantage of the UNiDAYS’ student discount codes on Dell, one needs to be:

  • At least 16 years old.
  • Currently enrolled at an institution such as college or university.
  • Must be having an “edu mail” i.e. issued by the respective college or university.
  • Or a student ID

Since, parents are not allowed to sign up for their children who are younger than 16, children younger than the required ag are not allowed to sign up for the dell student discount.

Process To Sign Up for the Student Discount on Dell

This process requires you to verify your enrollment number at the qualifying school so that you can create your UNiDAYS account, and use it to fetch coupon codes. Here’s how.

  • Visit the UNiDAYS official website, then select the menu icon and click on Join now.
  • Mentioned your email address, password, and then again select Join now.
  • Next, mention your school information, then select Continue, and then follow the onscreen instructions to finish the verification process.

However, if your school isn't listed, then contact UNiDAYS to get further assistance.

Steps To Use Your Student Discount On Dell

  • Visit the UNiDAYS official website, then find a Dell offer, and then click on Redeem Online.
  • Now, select Redeem Code option, then copy your code, and then select Launch Website.
  • Hereafter, visit the official Dell website, then choose your laptop/desktop that you want to purchase, and then paste the coupon code on the checkout page.

Student Discount On Dell: Important FAQs

How Does The Student Discount On Dell Is Beneficial For You?

The student discount on Dell offers you a 10% discount on selected Dell products including additional running deals. However, one needs to ensure to check the deals & coupons on UNiDAYS before making a decision.

How Does The Student Enrollment Verification Is Done On Dell?

Since the student discount coupon codes on Dell are available & generated through UNiDAYS, the latter system verifies the student enrollment number. Besides, the verification service is able to verify enrollment at most four-year universities and colleges.

What To Do When You’re Not Able To Do Your Online Enrollment Verification For Student Discount On Dell?

UNiDAYS offers the manual verification system for schools & colleges that aren't already in the system.

How One Qualifies For The Student Discount On Dell?

One should be under a certain age i.e. 16 Years, scored 3.0 GPA or higher. For more information on dell student discount, one can contact the experts at Dell.

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