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How do I complain to Apple? | Report a Problem to Apple Support

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Everything that you need to know about the complaints process at Apple:

Apple is a famous technology company based out of the United States of America, is known for its high-quality product and very well-maintained customer services. It has millions of active users around the world. Apple makes high-quality gadgets and the software that can run on them. It has created a massive ecosystem of devices where each and every utility device like earphones, laptops, phones, etc. can communicate with each other quite easily, thus making the life of a consumer very productive. In this article, you will come to know about your query: how do I complain to apple?

How do I complain about Apple products?

Fortunately, Apple provides easy-to-follow steps to report these issues to the customer care service. To give feedback on a product one can follow these steps:-

  • Open your favorite web browser and go to

  • You can register a feedback request for various types of services provided by Apple, such as gadgets, software, etc.

  • Click on "Select Feedback Category" and chose the product category you want to select to let Apple know about Website issues, Product support, or even give product feedback to apple.

  • If you chose the product support option from the dropdown, then you will be able to see a link from where you can go to the product complaining page.

More about reporting a problem with iOS:

Now, here is everything that you need to know about the possible methods to report a problem to Apple. Many times there are problems with the operating system of the mobile, you can follow the above steps in order to go to the operating system's support page. It will make you land on From here you can type in your details and select the feedback type according to your complaint and add more details in the comments. You have to provide the iOS version also, which you can easily get from the about phone option in settings.

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