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How do you Fix a Computer that Turns on but no Display?

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How can you fix the problem when the computer is turned on but does not display anything?

A Computer is one of the valuable resources which is used by many people to complete their online activities. Computers are used for both personal and professional use in homes or offices. Although, some users face an issue in which their computer device is turned on but they are not able to see anything on their screen. In this condition, using the basic troubleshooting methods helps you to fix the technical issue.

How to solve a computer not displaying anything?

You can also resolve the computer not displaying anything by using the following methods.

Check the Connection

You should check the connection to fix the monitor not working issue by examining the cable connections. If you have this issue, then you should use the following methods.

  • Tighten the loose wires which are connecting the CPU and the monitor to ensure that no connection failure causes this issue.
  • Apart from this, you should replace or repair any wire that is damaged and not making the perfect connection between Computer & monitor.
  • Monitor works on the electricity supply, thus, ensure that it is getting enough of it by checking the wires.

Restart your Computer

You can also opt for the method of restarting the computer to resolve the monitor not displaying anything issue. This measure makes sure that no temporary error causes the blank monitor issue.

  • Type the windows button or click its section to open the starting menu on your computer.
  • Now, click on the shut off or restart button to finish this process.
  • Use the power button on the CPU to begin the restart process.

Update the Computer

Here, updating the computer also works perfectly in resolving this issue. If you are also facing the same situation, resort to this option to update the software of your computer with these steps.

  • Open the windows of your computer system and go to the setting of your OS.
  • Check the update availability on your computer and start this process.
  • Now, download the update and install it.

Use the Factory Settings

Select the Factory settings option to repair the display of your computer. Here, you are required to complete the following steps.

  • Go to settings and choose the option to reset your computer.
  • Take the backup of your important files and folders.
  • Now, follow the on-screen instructions.

You can also fix the problem of Computer Turns On But No Display by contacting the technical expert and gain the necessary information regarding the solution of your problem. You can contact the tech expert through phone, live chat or email method.

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