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How Much Does Geek Squad Cost? Service Price List

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Geek Squad is an America-based company that provides IT support staff whose parent organization is Best Buy. The teams of Geek squad will help your small businesses to rise by offering technical support. They will help you with software installation, computer setup and repair, and other technical issues. You can take the individual as well as monthly service plan and choose as per the cost. Also, you can go for an annual program compatible with a tiny business where you have to pay some amount per year for six devices.

Listed below are the services Geek squad offer to businesses. Have a look.

  • Data Backup/Transfer (up to 1TB between two devices)
  • Software Installation/Service
  • VPN Installation
  • Network Installation
  • Hardware Installation/Service
  • Network Added Storage Configuration
  • PC Setup and Configuration
  • OS Installation
  • Add a Device to an Existing Network
  • Device Diagnostics and Repair

How much does the Geek squad cost?

Well, Geek squad services cost varies based on the type of assistance and products. However, it starts from $19.99 to $1450 (max), users can also go for the monthly plans starting with $24.99/user, and the annual plan starts with $199.99/year. Some of the service costs are –

In-Store Service Cost

Geek Squad offers in-store services to the customers. Here, you can book the services online by visiting the official website of Best Buy. From there, you can ask for repair, tuneup, troubleshooting, or consultation. After booking the appointment, you can visit the store and drop off your device to repair or for consultation. For in-store services, you need not book your appointment online. Instead, you can come down to the store and do the needful. But in such a case, you may experience long waiting hours.

The price of in-store service is described here –

  • Set up for your Computer and Tablet- $39.99
  • Set up for New Devices- $39.99
  • Device Diagnostic and Repair- $149.99
  • Physical Damage Repair- $84.95 + parts
  • Virus and Spyware Removal- $149.99
  • Data Recovery, Level 1 (deleted files, reformatted drive)- $200
  • Data Recovery, Level 2 (corrupted files, drive imaging)- $450
  • Data Recovery, Level 2 Advanced (needs advanced hardware or firmware)- $550
  • Data Recovery, Level 3 (Device physically damaged; clean room needed- $1,450

In-Home service cost

In-home service is the best for the business that is working from home. Here, you can call the local best buy at your home or schedule the service online. Calling the service home is a cost-effective way. Here is the cost that in-home service will cost. Have a look.

  • Printer Setup or Troubleshooting- $79.99
  • Modem Setup- $99.99
  • Device Diagnostic and Repair- $149.99
  • Virus and Spyware Removal- $149.99
  • Wi-Fi Setup or Troubleshooting- $99.99
  • Wireless Camera Install (2 cameras)- $99.99
  • Wired Camera Install (2 cameras)- $199.99

Online remote service cost

The most significant benefit is to the businesses in remote locations. Geek Squad can assist you anywhere. If you are at a faraway place, ask Geek squad to help you there. They will access your device online and do the needful. Given below is the total cost that the geek squad will charge. Check them out.

  • OS Tune-Up/Upgrade- $39.99
  • Network Setup and Support- $149.99
  • Software Setup and Support- $39.99
  • Operating System Repair and Protect- $149.99
  • Device Diagnostic and Repair- $149.99
  • Email Troubleshooting- $99.99
  • Software Troubleshooting- $99.99
  • Add device to an Existing Network- $39.99
  • Windows 10 Tutorial- $19.99
  • Software Setup and Support- $39.99
  • Printer Setup- $39.99
  • Virus Spyware Removal- $149.99

What does the Geek Squad charge per hour?

There are monthly and annual services that you can take with the Geek squad. If you are looking for per hour charge, it depends on the type of work. The typical cost is $158 per hour (residential) + $49 same-day service fee add an extra $50 for business customers. Also, $79 per half-hour after the first hour of consultation.

How much does it cost to call the Geek Squad?

There are several services available for you that you can opt from Geek squad. All the services have diverse costs and are utterly different from each other. For example, the benefits for in-store service are additional, and the in-home service will cost a different amount while remote service charge is different. The charges depend on the type of service you will take.

Bottom Line

Geek squad is a recognized name for home IT and handles all types of businesses. You can take a year as well as a monthly plan to take care of your business. The Geek squad cost depends on the kind of services you take to get set up, training, and diagnostic services, plus discounts on more costly repairs. So, check your device and take service accordingly.  


Does Geek Squad Have a Yearly Fee?

Yes, Geek Squad has a yearly fee for a subscription. The yearly subscription costs $199.99, which also includes tech support for the devices you own, free delivery, installation of all the items you buy in the future, and so on. You can check the other information on the subscriptions page of Geek Squad.

What is Geek Squad Membership?

The geek squad is nothing but a total tech membership. The Geek Squad provides 24/7/365 tech support for all home appliances with advanced technology, regardless of what product you purchase.

Who May Not Need Geek Squad?

People who do not purchase products needed for a smart home often may not need a Geek Squad subscription. People who do not get home appliances or the other things that are needed at home do not require the Geek Squad subscription.

What Services Does Best Buy Geek Squad Offer?

Here are a few of the services that Best Geek Squad Offer provides:

  1. Computer service
  2. Smart home service
  3. TV & Home Theater Services
  4. Safety and Convenience
  5. Audio & Video Services
  6. Smart Security Services
  7. Appliance Services
  8. Furniture Services
  9. Fitness Services
  10. Networking service

And so to know the detailed information on the offer, you can visit the official home page of Geek Squad to see the other options and the options under these given services.

Why Do I Have a Best Buy Renewal Charge?

The renewal charge is associated with the products you get with Geek Squad Tech support. This renewal can be annual or monthly.

How Much Does the Geek Squad Charge?

The Geek Squad service ranges from $19.99 to $1,450, while a monthly subscription starts from $24.99 and yearly $199.99.

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