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How Can I Change My Netgear Router Settings?

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Change Netgear Router Settings: Complete Guide

The Netgear router is available for the users to manage their internet connectivity services and allow them to get the best facility for their browsing experience. It allows the users to connect multiple devices to the router at a time and allow them to surf internet. It makes it possible to connect multiple devices and allow them to enhance the browsing experience for them to work. The Netgear router provide the ease to the users to connect the devices and make it possible for them to connect multiple devices and make it easy for them to work. There is a router settings which the netgear router have and it allows the users to connect multiple devices and make it easy for them to work. F

Follow the given steps to change netgear router settings

  1. Click start then type in the search field
  2. Enter the password in the authentication required field
  3. Select the attached devices link under the maintenance area
  4. Identify the internet protocol address
  5. Click on the Port forwarding/Triggering link
  6. Select the add custom service button
  7. Type the name of the program in the service name box
  8. Expand the protocol box and select the type of program used
  9. Type the port number by device in starting port and ending port
  10. Enter the IP address and click apply

These steps will make it possible for the users to change the netgear router settings and allow them to get the new version of the router and work easily on it.

Users are also free to call on the Netgear router customer service number and interact with the experts to get the solution which they face while working on the router. There the experts will provide them the best solution for their issues and allow them to work easily on it.

The Netgear router technical support team is also available for the users to provide them the best solution and make it easy for them to work. The experts will be available 24/7 for the users.

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