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How To Change Proxy Setting In Windows? (Best Tips)

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Get a guide to know how to Change Proxy Settings in Windows.

Proxies have become so important in almost every organization, big or small, which offers internet access services and much more. A proxy is basically a server between your device ISP, configured by the network, which keeps checking the Internet traffic and is bound with access. 

And you can simply set up a proxy server to one of your monitors and in every version of Windows. The proxy settings can be done through several ways like control panel, through the settings application, etc. You can go through the instruction mentioned below, which will help you change the Windows proxy settings.

Steps to change Proxy settings in Windows

Through settings application

  • Click on the "start" button on your screen and then visit the "settings" application.
  • From the "settings" application, you have to click on the "Network and Internet" section.
    After visiting the section, you can click on "proxy" 's left area.
  • Once you hit the "proxy" section, you will see all the proxy-related settings which you can manage according to your own.

To set up a local testing connection, you have to enable the "Use setup script," which means you have access to the proxy in your system. 

Through control panel

  • If "manual proxy setup" is running, that means you just have to enter the Hostname and Host IP address to get started.
  • Further, visit the control panel of your computer and click on the Internet options that appear on your screen.
  • After that, you can click on the "connections" option and then to the "LAN' settings. You can find every setting related to the Proxy.

Change proxy settings in OSx

  • You have to visit the system preferences to check the proxy settings in your windows. Most web browsers check the proxy settings in the system preferences.
  • Open the system preferences and click o the "Network" option.
  • After that, you can click on the Advanced option. Further, click on the Proxies tab to see the list of proxies.

So, if you want to learn how do I change Proxy Settings in Internet Explorer, you can go through the guide mentioned above. You can set up and change the proxy settings easily by the above options on your computer. If you find any trouble regarding the same, contact the nearer technical support service staff to get assistance.

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