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Learn How To Change/Reset/Recover Centurylink Email Password

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A Quick Guide To Change Or Reset CenturyLink Email Password

Changing password of an email account is quite useful for any user including CenturyLink email holders. Since, CenturyLink users access their email accounts to enjoy their network services, cloud storage services and other important services, it becomes important for them to keep their email accounts safe and secure. Now, what could be more important than changing the password of their CenturyLink email accounts?

Therefore, read this article on CenturyLink password reset and also read some of the quick tips to create a strong password for your account.

Steps To Change Or Reset Email Password Of A Centurylink Account

The following steps will help you to change your CenturyLink email account’s password in no time.

  • Head over to the official CenturyLink homepage in your web browser
  • Login to your account and then navigate to the My CenturyLink menu on the top navigation bar
  • Next, select the Change Email Password option from the drop-down menu to view a new browser window
  • Now, in the new window, enter your current password in the "Current Password" and then you can enter a new password in the "New Password" and "Confirm New Password" fields as per your desire and then save the changes by clicking the Save button

Top Tips To Create Safe & Secure Password To Ensure Your Centurylink’s Account

You can follow the tips mentioned below to create a safe password for your CenturyLink account.

  • Always use a combination of letters and numbers to ensure that you password is “un-crack-able” or harder to break
  • The password shouldn’t match your date of birth, account number or any other information related to you directly

Moreover, if you have forgotten your password then contact technical-support to get help on your CenturyLink password recovery.

How do I change my Century Link WiFi password?

On app-

  • Open the app store, download all available updates on the Century Link app, then try once more.

  • Check to ensure the modem is fully plugged in and having power.

  • Use the "Test My Service" link in the app in order to run an automatic troubleshooter so as to check all the network issues. 

  • Reboot the modem via the app or by manually unplugging it, then wait for the full minute, then plugging it back in. 

  • In case if it does't work, call or chat to have a service agent assist further troubleshoot the problem

Modern settings-

  •  Connect a device, like a computer or a tablet, to the internet through WiFi or with the Ethernet cable connected to your modem.

  • Now open the browser to enter on the web address field.

  • Sign in to modem's settings interface (Modem GUI) through the Admin Username and Password. Unless you customized this detail, user can find it printed on the modem label. Then choose the "Wireless Setup.

  • If given a choice, tap on 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz. If you have both WiFi frequencies enabled, then change the WiFi password for both networks (you may use the same password for both if you want). Do not panic if the user would not see frequency options, as not all modems have this option. 

  • Choose the "Wireless Security" located in the menu on the left.

  • Choose the name of your wireless network (SSID). Users can even find the SSID printed on the modem's sticker.

How To Find PPP Password On Century Link?

Have you recently switched on to Century Link? And wanting to connect your router device to OTB? Well, this would require you to find the PPP password of your Century Link router. However, finding PPP password could be confusing sometimes, but most importantly. Century Link only provides its PPP password through phone or customer services.

But there are exceptions for few devices for which users can find their CenturyLink PPP password on their own. One can get it from the router’s admin console. Hence, read further to know more.

Steps To Find PPP Password On Century Link

In the event if you have received the Greenwave C4000XG or other similar device, then here’s how you can fetch your PPP password.

  • Get access to your web browser, then login into the Greenwave C4000XG's or similliar device’s web UI.
  • Next, you’ll need to navigate to the Advanced Setup from the homepage, then select the WAN Settings option.
  • Also, you’ll need to make sure that your DevTools is opened, then locate the XHR request: /cgi/cgi_get?Object=Device.PPP.Interface.
  • Finally, you’ll root the JSON file to find the PPP username and password.

Therefore, you should be able to find your CenturyLink PPP password. However, if not yet, then it is strongly recommended to contact the tech-support services on Century Link and get your respective router device PPP password. Furthermore, if you have any other issues with your Century Link router device, then also you can consult with them to get better help.

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