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How to change router password tenda

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Change router password tenda

Router is quite an essential device for home and offices. You know that without a router you cannot access internet facility. In this sense router is a must when you need a good high speed internet connection. You can buy a good quality router like Tenda from the market at a reasonable price or you can also ask your internet service provide to offer your Tenda router when they set up your internet service connection at home or office. With Tenda router you can connect your modem and then using wirelessly you can run internet on your devices like laptop, mobile, tablet etc. You need a router password along with id to access the connection. You are also advised to change your Tenda router password on frequent basis so that no other people can get access to your router credentials and thus use your internet connection without permission. You can change your Tenda router password whenever you want to. You just need to follow simple steps to change router password for tends. And after that you can enter your new password for your router which is a good exercise to safeguard your router from any possible hack or misuse.

Steps to change router password tenda

Now when it comes to changing your router password tends then you can follow below steps for that:

  1. First you need to login the homepage of the tenda router
  2. Now change the SSID and wireless password.
  3. After that you need to reboot the router.
  4. Then open a browser and type in the Address bar, then click on Enter.
  5. After that click on Advanced which you can find on the right of the page to login the advanced setting page.
  6. After that click on Wireless and Wireless Basic settings. Now you can change the Primary SSID as you want. Click on Ok to save the settings.
  7. Click on Wireless Security and ensure that WPS is Disabled, choose the mode as WPA-PSK which is recommended.  Then enter your wireless password, and choose AES .Click on Ok to save the settings.
  8. Then click on Tools and Reboot then click on the Reboot The Router button to reboot the router for refreshing the device info.

This is how you can change router password tenda.

Tenda password recovery number

As you noted above when you want to change your Tenda router password you can follow simple steps and do it on your own. But if you find it difficult to do it on your own and you need guidance then you can get it by calling Tenda password recovery number. By calling this number you can talk to our representative on phone who would guide you on how you can change Tenda password step by step. You can now easily change the router password with easy assistance on phone. You can call Tenda password recovery number whenever you need to and get the desired support.

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