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How Do I Delete all TurboTax and Start over? 

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Suppose you are using the services of TurboTax, for example, e-tax filing and different other services that help in utilizing financial services. If you want to delete your TurboTax account and want the services to be restarted and you raise the query, "How do I delete my TurboTax account" so, below are the steps; kindly follow them:

  1. Primarily you are suggested to log in to your Account. 
  2. You must click on the menu option under which you must tap on the Tax Tools. 
  3. You must tap on the option "TurboTax Clear and start over."

Can I Delete my TurboTax Return and Start Over? 

Yes, you can delete its return and start over; all you are required to do is visit their website or sign in to your Account, and there you will have the option to delete its return and start over. 

How Do I Delete my Email Address from TurboTax?

Suppose you want to delete your email address, then you are suggested to follow the steps mentioned below: 

  1. Sign in to your TurboTax account. 
  2. There you have to tap on the Manage preferences. 
  3. Once there, click on "Manage my Email communications."
  4. There you will see the option to remove your email address. 

Can I start a New TurboTax Account? 

TurboTax offers an opportunity to users who wish to utilize its services of it, and you can set up a new account:

  1. You are suggested to go to the TurboTax website from your browser. 
  2. You will find the option to Sign Up; tap on it. 
  3. Enter all the details asked, including your email address, name, etc., and submit the form. 
  4. You will eventually set up your Account. 

Can I Have Multiple TurboTax Accounts on the Same Email?

As per the allowance of TurboTax, you can set up 5 accounts on it by using the same email address, but it is recommended to use one email with one Account. And in case you are stuck or unable to use their services, you are suggested to reach out to the customer executive. 

Why can't I Clear And Start over TurboTax?

If you are unable to clear and start over, there can be a few reasons, and to know those, you are advised to read out the points mentioned below; have a look:

  1. You will not be able to clear and start over if you access its free services. 
  2. If you still need to set up your Account with TurboTax, in this situation, you may not be able to clear and start. 
  3. If you are still unable to do so, you are suggested to visit the official website, and you can get in touch with the executive. 

How to Deactivate or Cancel the TurboTax Account?

If you are using its services but you want to deactivate for some time due to some issues, you are suggested to read out the points mentioned below:

  1. Sign in to your Account. 
  2. Tap on "TurboTax Advantage."
  3. You will find the option "Remove the product," tap on it. 
  4. Choose the specific reason for the deactivation of it and submit the form. 


Can I Clear And Start over if I Already Paid TurboTax?

No, you may be unable to clear and start over for the already-paid turbotax account. If you have doubts as to how do I clear my TurboTax and start over, hints have been illustrated at the bottom:-

  1. Head to the official website of Turbotax and sign in
  2. Click on the menu icon and choose tax tools
  3. Click on the clear and start over the icon
  4. You get to click on the yes icon.

What Happens if I Have Two TurboTax Accounts?

On TurboTax, you can form more than one account easily. But there could be difficulty in receiving the appropriate information on the account. This could create difficulties in filling out the tax return because of missing the details of the prior year's income tax return information. 

How Do I Request to Delete or Download my Intuit Data?

Data can be managed easily according to the requirements whenever you access Intuit services. You can directly conduct your task, and the steps for that are as follows:-

  1. Open the official website of Intuit
  2. Choose account options
  3. Click the account setting options.
  4. Click on the data privacy link.

Does Uninstalling TurboTax Delete Files?

Yes, uninstalling the TurboTax account could not delete the files completed. When you have made an account, the data can be saved, but some files might lose their presence.

Can I Merge TurboTax Accounts?

No, you may not be able to merge two accounts into one. While using two different accounts could create confusion in getting accurate solutions. Therefore, you could delete one by contacting the customer service team. 

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