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How Can I Download YouTube Videos Directly to My Laptop?

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YouTube has billions of videos available for streaming, but sometimes, users might want to download some for offline viewing. 

Follow the stpes for download videos:

  1. First, sign in to your account with your Youtube app
  2. Now go to the watch page of the video that you would like to download and see offline
  3. You can see there is a button for download; you have to click on that
  4. Then you have to wait for the video to finish downloading; after that, you can play that video without the internet connectivity.

What's The Easiest Way to Download YouTube Videos? 

One of the easiest ways to download videos is to sign up for premium; you have to pay for the service to use this, and after you have paid for it, you can enjoy the easiest way to download videos and enjoy watching those offline. 

How do I Download a YouTube Video to my Computer Without the App?

Suppose you want to download videos without any app. In that case, there are various websites providing the service of downloading videos from Youtube, and you have to provide the video URL that you want to save. Websites show you various formats in which you can download videos and select any of them. 

Can I download a YouTube video to my computer/mobile without premium?

Yes, you can download a youtube video to your computer or mobile without premium. There are various websites as well as software. 

How do I export and save a YouTube video? 

If you want to export and save videos for that, you have to transfer them from your phone to your laptop or pc follow the process of How to download YouTube videos on a laptop:

  1. First, you have to install the unit converter
  2. Click on add files
  3. Now click add from the phone
  4. Then add these to the converted list, and these files are now saved in your pc

Using the given process, you can export videos and transfer them to your pc or laptop. 

Why are YouTube videos not downloading? 

There could be some reasons if you are unable to download YouTube videos. Check the list shared with you:

  1. Check the subscription to see whether your membership has expired.
  2. Ensure you have signed in to your Premium.
  3. Tap on the profile photo of the App
  4. Click on Paid memberships and select Manage.
  5. Re-subscribe if required.
  6. YouTube Premium is accessible in your current location. Otherwise, you wouldn't be able to benefit from the premium services if the country/region doesn't permit it.
  7. Check the download setting. Change the setting if downloads are restricted to Wi-Fi only.

Users can contact YouTube customer support if they consider the above reasons but cannot download videos. Dial the contact number 1-800-419-0157


After reading this, you got to know ways you can use to download videos through Youtube, and the easiest way to download the video as well, and that is to use premium. Also, you got to know the ways you can download videos on pc without any app. also, there is a process to get videos without having premium for that, and there are various websites as well as software are there that you can use. Also, it explained the process of exporting videos. At last, you got to know why you could not download your videos and that your premium Youtube is now over, and its solution is to grab a premium subscription. 

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