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6 Faster Ways to Fix Can't Login to D-Link Router

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One of the basic reasons for not being able to log in to the Dlink router is the password. Unfortunately, you must be forget the password you have entered and shows incorrectly. Therefore to fix the error, you need to generate the new strong password in simple steps.

Why can't I log into my Dlink router?

If you cannot log in to the Dlink router, then it may be due to the following reasons:

There may be a hardwired connection issue, and the wire which is connected has some faults.

  • You have entered the incorrect IP address.
  • Your computer or device has the wrong IP address.
  • The username and password which you have entered are incorrect.
  • Your router itself may have some issues.

How to fix can't log in issue on the Dlink router?

You need to do the simple steps to fix the issue which is mentioned below:

1. Connect your computers network port to the router:

You need to connect your computer to the router LAN first by a network cable. Now check solid link lights on the Ethernet ports of the device. If you do not get any light, then try using a different cable.

2. Now, open the control panel and go to the network connections

Now check that your local connection is enabled and not connect with another connection.

3. go through the IP address:

Your computer must have the same IP address as the Dlink router you attempt to configure. Your computer default gateway IP address will be the IP address of the Dlink router.

4. Reset the router:

If you are unsuccessful in routers configuration pages, you need to press and hold the router's reset button for 10 seconds. Now release the button until the router boots up for 1 minute. After that, log in to the router again.

5. Check your internet connections:

  • To check the internet, open the control panel and go to the internet options.
  • At the security tab, clicks on the restore settings option.
  • Go to the Connections tab, and set the dial-up option to 'never dial a connection.

6. Disable any internet security software:

If any other software is running on your internet, you need to disable it on the device's internet settings.

With the above easy steps, you can log in to your Dlink router in no time. If you still face issues and can't log in to the Dlink router, you can contact the router customer service team to fix the problem quickly.

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