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Why Is My CenturyLink Internet Not Working?Here's How To Fix

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Know the Possible Reasons for CenturyLink has Stopped Working? How To Fix

CenturyLink is the perfect answer to getting the perfect resolution to all your concern. The internet connection problems are more annoying, especially when you want to stream the favorite shows. Sometimes, you face issues in CenturyLink, for which you need the troubleshooting to be done.

You can seek the resolution of the issue CenturyLink internet not working by going for the troubleshooting steps mentioned below. Before we proceed towards getting the solutions of the troubleshooting steps, you have to look for the reasons that can be behind the issues.

Reasons Why CenturyLink is Not Working:

  • The problem with the device or Wi-Fi adapter
  • Problem in the router
  • Slow internet connectivity

Troubleshooting Steps to Fix the Issue:

Unplug your modem:

If your CenturyLink internet is not working, then you have to leave the device unplugged for at least a minute and verify that the light in front of the modem has gone off. Just plug the device back in and then attempt to reconnect the internet.

Make sure your modem is updated:

Some modems require firmware, memory stored on your memory chip of modem, and a blend of data. You need to check CenturyLink to see if the firmware is old and need an update.

Check your cables:

If you find that the cable you have used to connect your modem to the phone jack is broken or frayed, then your internet connection is not working. You need to replace the cable if you need to, or it’s been pulled from the jack, then you have to plug it back in.

Make Sure Your Modem Doesn’t Have a Filter. 

While you may need a DSL filter for your home phone landline, then it can use one with your modem as it might slow the connection. But, if you have a filter on your modem, you have to remove it.


Why is my Internet Not Working at CenturyLink? 

You can reboot the modem manually or through the Centurylink app if your internet is not working. You should make sure your modem is updated with the latest version. You can also try resetting your modem, or there might be a problem with lines or equipment that provide service. Sometimes CenturyLink's internet needs to be fixed due to loose or unplugged cables or routers.

Should I Reset My CenturyLink Modem? If yes, then How do I Reset My CenturyLink Internet?

Yes, you can reset your Centurylink Modem under some circumstances, like when it is appropriate to do a factory reset. You can reset the modem with the reset button or user settings.

  1. In the first step, Modem is Plugged In and powered on. Press on the reset button. You need to hold it for 10 seconds.

  2. You need to Release the button when the power light turns orange.

  3. You have to wait for 3-5 minutes for a factory reset.

  4. When it's complete, the power light will turn orange again when it's finished.

  5. Once the light turns green, you can access the internet.

How Do I Check if the Internet is Down in My Area? 

If your internet is down, you can go to google and head to a site like to check the internet speed.

Is There Currently a CenturyLink Outage in My Area? 

You can download the CenturyLink app to check outages in your area.

How Do I Get CenturyLink Internet Back?

You can recharge monthly to get your CenturyLink internet. You can make a payment anytime.

Why is my CenturyLink internet Light Red?

By using CenturyLink, you will get all these services and several others. Different lights indicate different things when you use CenturyLink modems. If your Modem shows solid red light on CenturyLink Modem, this means connection failure or the device needs troubleshooting. 
How Do I Fix my CenturyLink DSL Connection?

If your DSL light is off, then your Modem doesn’t network, and the light remains off for more than 15 minutes, then you fix this issue by following the ways mentioned below. 

  1. If you have a mobile jack connected to your internet line, try connecting it with another modem jack. If it works, then there is a faulty jack. 
  2. You need to check even your setup is connected correctly and all wires are plugged in.
  3. You can also reboot your Modem continuously if you face any issues. 

Why is my Router Internet light Blinking Red?

If there was any router issue while connecting or if there was a season overlap, the light would start blinking red, but if it is more than 30 seconds, you need to troubleshoot your device. 

What Does the Red Light on the Modem Mean?

If the CenturyLink modem internet lights red, then the router is on Auto-Configuration, and if it stays the same for more than 10 minutes, then you need to reach their expert. 

How Do I fix the Solid Red Light on my CenturyLink?

  1. Open your device browser tab 
  2. Connect it to your current Modem, and then you have to log in 
  3. Use the username and password available modem label 
  4. Select quick setup and then follow the onscreen prompts.

What do I do if my CenturyLink wi-fi isn't working?  

You must be wondering about the ways to adopt, and your query, "why is my CenturyLink internet not working" will indeed be resolved. You are suggested to look at the multiple ways:

  1. You can reboot your Modem. 
  2. Ensure to verify your wi-fi is working correctly with proper signals. 
  3. You may update your CenturyLink Modem to the latest version. 

What Color Should The light be on my CenturyLink Modem?

There are different lights that come up in the Modem once it is connected to the socket. Please read out the point:

  • Once connected to the power, the Modem's lights will go green, which signifies you can utilize internet services. 

How to Fix CenturyLink internet Light Blinking Red and Green?

You can fix the blinking of red and green lights by checking whether all the cables are appropriately connected to your Modem, router, or computer. This problem arises only when any wire is loose or not connected properly. 

How Do I Speak to a Representative at CenturyLink Regarding This? 

Suppose you are experiencing any technical concerns or issues. In that case, you can contact the Centurylink representative at 800-871-9244, and an executive will be assigned to provide you with resolutions. And make sure to choose the IVR which will be spoken over a phone call. 

How Long Does it Take for CenturyLink to Turn Your Internet Back on?

  • If you reboot your Modem, providing Internet connectivity may take 1 minute. 
  • If the payment for Internet is made after expiration, it may take 24 hours for the services to be continued. 

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