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[Solved]Facebook Error Code 100 & 1 (Fixed in Seconds)

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Facebook is an American social media platform that allows users to connect with family, friends, and people who share the same interest as you seek. Further, this platform is one of the most popular social networking services and is one of the world's most valuable companies. Moreover, users do get the option to share what's on their mind, announce major live agents, and as a user can connect with millions of groups by finding relevant groups which are based on their interests.
Therefore, while you run Facebook on your device, you might get error codes 100 and 1, due to which you are logged out from your account, and you cannot log into your account, or your account does not have permission to publish the Facebook page. 

What is Facebook Error code 100 & 1?

Facebook error 100 usually happens when you try to log into your account but get logged out from your Facebook account. Moreover, on the other hand, you don't have permission to publish to the page of your Facebook account because you are currently logged into your account with your correct credentials.
What does it mean to Error code 100 & 1 on Facebook?
Facebook error code generally states that it fails or crashes while running when you use Facebook. Further, this error code will appear as a continuous notification on your screen unless handled correctly and fixed accordingly within your account. Or there may be instances of files deletion or new files are automatically appearing. Therefore, this symptom largely or most commonly occurs due to virus infection. This virus infection is one of the causes of runtime error. In such scenarios, the user will also notice a sudden downfall in internet connection speed.

Causes of Facebook error code?

So in case you need to know about the main causes, you are facing the trouble of a Facebook error code while you run your Facebook account. Then, in such a scenario, the issue list is provided below for your reference, which you should go through to get knowledge about the causes of the Facebook error code.

  • The first cause could be conflicting programs that have been installed or virus issues entering your Facebook app
  • Or further, the issue can be due to an old version of the virus protection program you have in your runtime, and its creating trouble for your Facebook account
  • Further, your disk is completely piled up with unwanted data, which might be the issue, and many more can be the reasons. 

The process to clear cache on Facebook?

If you are not aware of the process through which you can clear out your Facebook account cache, you will have to follow the steps. First, you need to go to settings, then move to the apps and notifications section. Here select Facebook and then the storage tab, and after that, click on the clear cache option.

How do I get in touch with a Facebook customer executive?

Suppose you seek help for Facebook error codes 100 and 1. In that case, you can contact the Facebook customer service executive because they can help you Fix Facebook Error Codes 100 & 1 quite efficiently, they will provide you with appropriate points and steps to fix the error codes 100 and 1.

  • Via phone
  • Via live chat
  • Via email etc. 

However, if you are still confused with the Facebook error codes 100 and 1, then the above-given ways to contact customer service can be used for your help, and you will get good help and assistance.

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