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Why does my Lenovo laptop not have sound?

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In case the sound is not working on your Lenovo laptop, it can be due to various reasons. You might have muted the audio earlier and not turned it on later; there is an issue with the speaker or headphones, the cables are not connected well, or any technical issue. There are many fixing ways available that you can do by yourself if your Lenovo laptop does not have sound.

How do I fix the sound on my Lenovo Laptop not working?

The ways to solve your Lenovo laptop's sound working issue are listed here. You can check the possibilities and get the sound on your device as before.

Fixing ways for Lenovo Laptop sound working issue:

  • Run the Troubleshoot on your windows to fix sound problems.
  • Check the volume is not muted and low on the settings page.
  • Check the Output Device for the sound and choose the correct one to listen to the audio.
  • Update the Lenovo Laptop sound card driver.
  • Confirm that the audio cables are connected well.
  • Turn off the sound enhancements from the Laptop's settings. 
  • Reboot your Lenovo laptop.
  • Restore the System
  • Update the windows on your device.

How can I Update my Lenovo laptop sound card driver?

The sound card driver on your Lenovo laptop can be updated with the help of the Device Manager tool. This inbuilt tool on the Laptop enables you to update any outdated drivers. The instructions for updating the sound card driver are as follows:

  • Open your Lenovo laptop and press "Windows + X",
  • A dialogue box will pop up on the left-hand side,
  • Pick the "Device Manager" column on the same,
  • Now choose the "Sound, Video and Game Controllers" section,
  • As the column extends, pick the "Update Driver" option,
  • In the appeared window, click on "Search automatically for drivers,"
  • Find the sound card driver to update,
  • Then follow the page instructions, and the sound card will update in a moment on your Lenovo laptop. 

How do I disable the Audio enhancements of my Lenovo Laptop?

When there is an issue with the audio on your Lenovo laptop, disabling the audio enhancement might help. One can manually turn off the audio enhancement on their Laptop with the following procedure:

  • On your Lenovo laptop, open the settings page,
  • Select the sound category on the System panel,
  • Next, find the Advanced section at the bottom,
  • Go to the "All sound devices" category,
  • Next, pick the "Speakers" option in the "Output Devices" column,
  • Find "Audio Enhancements" and turn off the button,
  • The audio enhancement will disabled on your Lenovo laptop. 

How can I reach Lenovo Laptop customer service to resolve the issue?

If you fail to fix the sound issue on your Laptop and need technical assistance, you could connect to an expert at Lenovo customer service. One can reach out to a human by calling the phone number 1 (855) 253-6686 and asking to resolve the Lenovo laptop no sound issue. The expert on the call will take the needed information about your Laptop and guide you on the audio issue. The Lenovo customer service is available 24/7, so you can connect to technical support whenever needed.

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