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How To [Fixed] Microsoft error 0x426-0x0? - [Troubleshooting Steps]

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Microsoft Office error 0*426-0*0 is the error code that pops up on your device when one of the Microsoft Office Suite programs fails to launch. Moreover, in general words, it states that error 0*426-0*0 usually occurs when users try to launch Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc. 

What is Microsoft error code 0x426-0x0?

This error is usually a general indication that something has gone wrong with files and processes related to the installation or update process. And normally, it shows up when you try to launch the office program. So the common causes of the problem include here in this below section, so you must go through them for your reference.

  • It might be like you are running broken office installation files
  • Or you might have disabled Microsoft Office
  • Further, it might be like you have installed an old version of Microsoft office
  • Or you have permitted antivirus and firewall programs due to which your process might be getting
  • legitimate, and many more could be the reasons why you are getting error code 0*426-0*0.

Steps to fix Microsoft error 0x426-0x0?

If you need help with Fix Microsoft error code 0x426-0x0, then in such regard, here below are mentioned some points of troubleshooting by which you will get through quite easily, and you won’t get error code 0*426-0*0.

  • The first step will be to repair your installed office on your device by visiting Microsoft Office and then here click on modify button then click on YES once the user account control panel
  • Now you need to select click to run service for better performance
  • Next, add Microsoft office as an extension to your Antivirus
  • Further, you have to uninstall AVG Tune-Up
  • After that, give allowance to Microsoft office through your device firewall settings
  • Search faulty window files and then remove them all, or you can replace them with the correct one
  • Then you must remove the old version of Microsoft and install the latest version
  • Finally, you should perform a clean boot to remove all third-party services and applications. 

How to Microsoft word safe mode turn off?

If you need to turn off Microsoft word safe mode, you will have to visit the Microsoft word account page. Then click on the circular icon from the upper left-hand corner and choose the word option from the menu. Now click over trust center and select the Active X settings here, uncheck the box for safe mode, and this process will disable the feature from Microsoft office.

However, if you still doubt the error code 0*426-0*0, you should contact the Microsoft customer service team for help and guidance.

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