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Microsoft Error 0x80072ee7: Top 3 Solution - [Updated]

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Error 0x80072ee7 is an error that annoys the users a lot. If it is not fixed in time, it can even affect the computer's hardware. This error can appear in different kinds of scenarios. In that situation, you need to make sure that you have chosen the proper troubleshooting steps.
These error does not randomly come up on your screen. If you've seen these errors, then there is a chance that your device is getting affected by some program not required by the system. One of the first things you can do is to run an antivirus. 

What is the Microsoft store error 0x80072ee7?

Microsoft error 0x80072ee7 can appear in your system because of a poor internet connection or an unwanted program that harms your computer. It can also be a corrupter window store cache, which can cause Microsoft stores not to work. 
In this kind of situation, you need to follow the troubleshooting steps. Soon, you'll be able to fix the issue you're facing. Before you start fixing the error, you need to ensure that you've got a stable internet connection. 
After checking the internet connection, you need to turn off the antivirus temporarily. Now ensure that a third-party application is not working on your computer. 

Ways to fix Microsoft store error 0x80072ee7?

You can go through the troubleshooting steps, which are provided below. Then you'll be able to fix the error 0x80072ee7. 

Change the DNS server address (Solution 1):

  • Open the control panel of your computer.
  • You need to choose the "Network and sharing center" button."
  • Select the option of "Change the adapter setting."
  • Now you need to right-click on the icon of connection.
  • Choose the button "Properties," and then you need to select the "Internet Protocol Version 4."
  • Now choose the " Properties " option again and open the "General" tab.
  • Tap on "Obtain the DNS server" and then select the option of "Okay."
  • If the option of "Obtain DNS server" is already marked. Then it would help if you chose the
  • opportunity to use the following DNS server address.

Ensure that the Windows update service is running (Solution 2): 

  • It would help if you opened the run box.
  • Type services.MSc and then select the button "Okay."
  • Now you need to right-click on the control of "Windows Update."
  • Select the option of "properties."
  • Below is the "General" option. You need to set up the "Startup Type" to "Manual."
  • You need to select the option Apply and then the option "Okay." 

Uninstall the unnecessary application (Solution 3):

You can go through the list of software installed on your computer in the control panel. Now you only need to see the unnecessary software installed on your computer. You can uninstall it by clicking the option of "Remove program." If one of that software was causing trouble, you're not going to face the error 0x80072ee7 again. 

What does 0x80072ee7 mean?

In Microsoft, the error code 0x80072ee7 means that the server name cannot be resolved. Usually, to fix it, you don't need the help of a professional. You can get it fixed by yourself by following the above solutions. 

Causes of the Microsoft store error 0x80072ee7. 

There are several reasons why you might face the error 0x80072ee7. It could be incorrect TCP settings, poor internet connection, or some program in your system causing an issue. o, if you have a question, "How to fix Microsoft store error 0x80072ee7?" The above-given path will provide you with the solution. 

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