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How To Fix Mouse Not Working on Laptop? - Frozen Issue [Fixed]

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The mouse on the laptop plays an essential role during use time. If you are having a problem with How to fix mouse not working? Then do not get worried about it because here you may have the answers for that. And the list of solution are as follows:-


When your laptop mouse needs to be fixed, try to restart the system; sometimes, it gets hung, which could cause problems. And by doing that, the software causing the problem falls into place, and your mouse can work again.

Clean dust

When the dust gets collected, or you are trying to use the oil hand on the touchpad of the laptop mouse, then it creates a problem with working. So try to clear those things and then try again; it might be fixed.

What Are the Causes of a Mouse Not Working?

While the mouse you were using is not working in the appropriate manner and for that if want to know about the causes. Then there could be several reasons for that, and a few of them has been cited underneath:-

  • When your mouse is damaged
  • If the device gets hanged
  • When you have turned off the setting
  • The mouse driver or software is not updated
  • The system is affected by malware
  • Dust particles stuck into its touch pads.

How do you Unfreeze a Mouse on a Laptop?

When a mouse gets frozen on a laptop, you can apply several methods to unfreeze that. You can use the function keys such as F7, F8, F9, or F5 and check them for external dust clouds. And if these things don't work, then try to approach the customer service of that particular company and scrutinize that.

Why my Mouse Suddenly Stopped Working?

The mouse is an electronic device that could create problems at any interval, and if it suddenly stops working, do not panic about it. and you can check the properties of the mouse and stick by the steps that have been cited at the bottom:-

  1. First, click the window + R key on your device
  2. After that, type main. Cpl and click on the next icon.
  3. Further, you get to click on the device setting and then choose your device
  4. Later on, click on the enable icon and tap on the apply icon
  5. In the end, click on the ok options.

What to Do if The Mouse is Not Responding?

When your mouse is not responding, and you wish to know about the solution for fixing that, then comply with the steps that are written at the bottom:-

  1. Check out the system hardware and update it to the latest version
  2. Scan for the virus or the third-party application
  3. Turn on the mouse setting.
  4. Wipe any dust and switch off a Bluetooth device

Which keys Help to Move the Cursor on the Screen?

When you want to move the cursor on the screen, then you can try the left and right bottom of the mouse. It has been holding up to a place on the screen, then tap on the function key using the F5, F7, or F9 keys. The command keys for this are different as per the device's company.

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