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How to Fix the Red Light on Centurylink Router

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All the modems are designed in such a way so that you get notified if there is some error in the connection. Lets suppose, if you are a user of CenturyLink, you have witnessed a red light blinking on your router. If the light is green in color, that means the connection is strong.
But if you see CenturyLink internet red light indication, that means you need to check your internet connection. Let's check some reasons and ways to fix the issue of the red light on the CenturyLink router.

Reasons for the red light on CenturyLink router

There can be many reasons why you see the red light on the modem, but some of the common ones are listed below:

No signal: If you see a red light, that means the router cannot find a signal at that time.

Network down: There are times when CenturyLink networks are down in some areas. That is the reason why red light flashes on the router.

Set up issue: there can be a possibility that you haven't set up the router correctly that is showing a red light for more than 30 seconds.

Failed authentication: You need to check the ISP for your connection. If the authentication is incomplete, you will see a red light.

Don't worry if you face this issue, as we have provided ways to fix the red light problem in the next segment.

How to fix the issue of red light in CenturyLink router?

Given below are some ways you can use to fix the issue of red light in your router:

Restart the router: You need to unplug the router and plug it in again after a wait of 30 seconds. Wait for a while till the lights cycle and see if the red light is off or not.

Check the connections: You need to check all the USB and other cables to see if they are properly connected or not. If the connection is loose, plug it properly. After that, you can restart the router.

Check the credentials: You need to check if you are entering the login credentials correctly or not.

Contact the ISP: If you still face the red light issue, you need to contact the ISP. Once connected, request them to inform them about the problem and request to fix it.

Following these steps can help you with the CenturyLink internet red light issue. If the problem continues, you can contact the manufacturer of your router. In addition, you can check the official website or the annual for further support.

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