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How Do I Get Outlook on My Laptop?

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Outlook is one of the largest email service providers with an extensive professional base. The best thing is that you can install Outlook on almost every device, whether a phone, desktop, laptop, etc. If you don't know how to get Outlook on the laptop, we will update you and educate you in this regard.

How to get Outlook on my laptop?

To install Outlook on your laptop, you must go through the following steps:-

1) To install Outlook on your laptop, visit, the official website of Microsoft suite.
2) You need to sign in to your Microsoft account using your Microsoft email id and password.
3) Now, click on the install button or icon to proceed.
4) Once you click the install icon, your outlook software will download.
5) By default, it will install a 64-bit version of Microsoft outlook. If you already have a 32-bit version earlier on your laptop, a 32-bit version will get installed.
6) After the downloading is completed, click the setup and start installing the outlook setup.
7) To launch Outlook agree on the terms and conditions and open up your new outlook software.

So this is how you can get Outlook on your laptop. Now, let proceed further and check out whether you can get Outlook on your laptop for free or not.

Can I get Outlook for free on my laptop?

Yes, Outlook comes free as you have paid for the official windows and paid to get a Microsoft account. If you want to use Outlook for free without spending any penny, you have to compromise on some features that come with the full version of Microsoft outlook.

As of now, you can have a full version of Outlook as a trial for one month, and after that trial period, you have to pay the subscription fee. Though there is also a free-to-use version, it comes with many limitations. It restricts full access of all the features to users and serves as a platform for digital ads.

So, wrapping up the whole thing, you can get Outlook on your laptop anytime by going through the information above. You can always speak to the outlook representative if you face any issues.

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