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How To Make Yahoo My Homepage on Windows 10: Quick & Easy

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Know-How to Make Yahoo Your homepage on Windows 10?

Being a regular Yahoo user, you can enjoy plenty of useful features when you access something with the help of Yahoo on your Windows 10 computer. If it so, then you can simply make Yahoo as your home page and save more time in spite of searching it firstly. There are varied options for making Yahoo as your home page in your Windows 10 and it depends on the type of your browser that you are using to access the internet. If you are confused about how to make Yahoo my homepage on Windows 10, then you can go through the mentioned instructions to understand this process very easy.

How To Set Yahoo Homepage For Google Chrome

  • First of all, you can open your Chrome browser and then go to the menu.

  • Choose Settings.

  • Now turn on the Show home button under the Appearance section.

  • Click on the Change icon.

  • Now enter Yahoo address or into the Open this page option.

  • After that, click on Set pages tab.

How To Set Yahoo Homepage For Internet Explorer 11

  • Open the Internet Explorer and then click on Tools.

  • Select Internet Options.

  • Under the Home Page enter the Yahoo address.

  • Click on Use current option.

  • Click on Apply and then OK tab.

In this way, you can learn how to make Yahoo my homepage on Windows 10 on your different browser simply. If you are still not competent enough to understand the above-given steps or need any kind of assistance, then reach to the customer support team of Yahoo and gain the high-end support.


Why is The Yahoo Homepage Not Working? 

Find different reasons for it malfunctioning; please look at:

  1. Malware, Spyware, etc:  It may happen in case of viruses in your system.
  2. Connectivity error:  If there is a loose connection, it can cause the malfunction of the Yahoo Homepage. 
  3. Switch to the updated version:  Sometimes, the old version of Yahoo comes up with the same concern, so to avoid it, use an updated version. 

How to Change the Default Browser to Yahoo?

First, you visit the website, where you have to tap on Settings, and a search engine will be viewed there. While the further steps are the following:

  1. You will find the "Down Arrow" right below the option of "search engine used in the address bar."
  2. An option "change the default" will come up; click. 

How Can I Make Yahoo my Homepage on Safari? 

  1. Open the settings of Safari. 
  2. You will have to tap on the Homepage to continue. 
  3. You have to locate the Homepage and type the URL of Yahoo. 

How Do You Make Yahoo Your Homepage Chrome Windows 11? 

Earlier, there used to be a query, "How do I make Yahoo my homepage on Windows 10" Now, it has shifted to making Yahoo a homepage on Windows 11. So, you must look at the steps:

  1. Go to the appearance section of Chrome. 
  2. Click on Settings. 
  3. Enable the home button. 
  4. Enter the Yahoo URL to complete the process. 

How to Make Yahoo my Homepage on Microsoft Edge?

  1. Once you are in Settings of Microsoft Edge, click on Appearance. 
  2. Switch on the Show Home Button. 
  3. There you can choose a new page to use as a homepage.

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