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Is Your Telstra Email Suspended? Know How to Reactivate

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Is Your Telstra Email Suspended? Know Everything About It

Telstra email is a widely used email platform that offers a secure way to share information and takes care of the users’ privacy. However, sometimes person faces the issue like suspended account. There are some reasons behind Telstra email suspended that we have covered below. 

Why Is Telstra Email Suspended?

There are some major reasons that we have covered below:

Due to late payment

If you fail to make the payment on time or could not able to make payment within the buffer period, then you cannot see your emails. Though, they are not deleted. 

Telstra email is considered is spam mail

It is one common reason that can occur, but the user fails to identify this. Now, when you send unnecessary spam emails to the person, then your account will be detected as spam mail. So, in this case, you will not able to send or receive any kind of mails. 

Accessing account after 30 days of suspension 

If you are no longer customer of Telstra email, then Telstra automatically deletes your account after 30 days. Here does not matter whether you did this intentionally or mistakenly. 
These are the possible cause of not working or suspended accounts. You can easily overcome this by reading the further write-up. 

How To Reactivate My Telstra Email?

Use My Telstra account

If you do not know how to make a payment online, then you can do this with the Telstra account. 

  • Open the Telstra account 
  • Now, go to the My Telstra account
  • Click on the make payment online and then move to the mode of payment 

Go with customer support

You can use various ways to contact the support person and remove the suspension. 

Use Telstra phone number

You can call on the 132200, and connect with the live person. However, there is certain timing that you need to follow. You can contact them Monday to Friday, but in timing 9 am-8 pm. 

Use Telstra live chat

With the message box, you can interact with the person at any moment. You have to go to the need to contact us. 

You can see how to reactivate Telstra email promptly. And you are free to interact with them and discuss the problem to make the process easy. 

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