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Windows 11 Setup Without Microsoft - Quick Ways To Fix It

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You can set up windows 11 without Microsoft if you follow the below-written instructions wisely. If you don't have your account, don't worry; you can use the offline mode of getting access through windows; go through the below steps to complete your task without making any mistakes.

Follow the Troubleshooting Steps:

  1. You can move to the login screen where you sign up with your account. Then switch off the internet physically, or with the help of a command prompt, you can turn off internet.  
  2. Then click the SHIFT + F10 on your keyboard, and the prompt will display on your screen. 
    After that, type ipconfig/release and tap enter to disable the internet.
  3. Close the command prompt and get back to the login screen; tap on the back arrow. The screen will display the question, "who's going to use this device ?"
  4. At last, enter a username used for your local account, tap on the next button, enter a password, click on next, and follow the onscreen instruction to complete your installation process.

Does Windows 11 Require a Microsoft Account?

Sometimes a Microsoft account is not required for Windows 11; you can use a trick to get your job done. It is commonly used among users who lose their Microsoft account.

  1. Move to the login page, and you need to write at the sign-in blank. Tap on the Next button.
  2. Now you need to enter any of the alphabets as a password and tap on sign in. Then the page will show you the "Oops; something went wrong" notification.
  3. After that, click on the next button; following that screen will show you who will use this device page. Fill in your name and password, then tap on the next.

How do I Skip the Microsoft Account Setup in Windows 11? 

You can skip the Microsoft account setup in Windows 11 with the help of above mentioned two methods. You can use either of them to install windows 11 without your Microsoft account.

How to Install Windows 11 Home with a Local Account?

You can install Windows 11 home with a local account by turning off the internet or using the special email account to set up a new account.
The answer to your question is how to set up Windows 11 without a Microsoft account. Already answered above in the form of FAQs. You can connect with customer service at 1 877 678 8033

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