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How To Uninstall Norton Internet Security From Windows 7

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Norton internet security protects computer from external online threats like virus and malware. It is very strong antivirus. But still if one wants to uninstall Norton internet security from windows 7 then one can follow below steps:

  •  In windows 7 go to start>control Panel.
  • Then in control panel click Programs>Programs features.
  • Then click Norton internet security program and then click uninstall/change.
  • After that follow the on screen instructions.
  • Now your Norton internet security has been uninstalled from windows 7.

Completely remove Norton from windows 10

Though Norton is extremely useful and kind of necessary for the protection of your PC, still sometimes it slows down your PC and if there is outdated version then you would like to completely remove it from windows 10. You can follow below steps to completely remove Norton from windows 10:

1. You need to download Norton removal tool.

2. After downloading the Norton removal toll, run the executable.

3. You will see a window of welcome to Norton removal tool.

4. Now follow the on screen directions and keep pressing Next with necessary/desired choices in between.

5. At the end of it your windows 10 will get rid of Norton.

This removes Norton completely from windows 10.

How to remove Norton antivirus from windows 7 manually

To remove Norton antivirus from windows 7 manually, you can follow below steps:

1. Go to windows task bar, then click Start > All Programs/All apps > Norton Antivirus > Uninstall Norton Security.

2. In order to remove Norton Home Page as your default home page and Norton Safe Search as your default search provider, you can select the check box that appears at the bottom.

3. After that follow on screen instruction.

Do note that Norton Antivirus will not be uninstalled until you restart your computer.

How to remove Norton security scan from windows 10

You would not like to remove Norton security scan ideally but if you want to you can follow below steps to remove Norton security scan from windows 10:

1. First press the Windows + R keys to open the Run dialog box.

2. Here type in appwiz.cpl and then press Enter.

3. Now from the list of currently installed programs, select Norton Security Scan, and then click Uninstall or Remove.

4. Now follow the on-screen instructions.

5. You should restart the computer when the uninstall process completes.

How to delete Norton internet security from MAC

If for some reason you would like to delete Norton internet security from MAC, then you can follow below steps:

1. From the Launchpad launch the security app.

2. Now go to Menu>Norton Security>Uninstall Norton security.

3. Now confirm the action and then wait for sometime when Norton uninstaller clears all its files.

4. Now restart your MAC to complete the process.

This is how you can delete Norton internet security from MAC. However, you should check your MAC for any leftovers that could remain on the hard drive even after you have deleted Norton internet security.

FAQs : 

Why can't I Uninstall Norton Internet Security?

If you have installed the Norton Internet Security and while uninstalling you face the issue, use this technique; you might not face the issue. When you are using new Norton Internet Security, but the system you are using might be outdated, having this issue is expected. Update your system, then tries to uninstall Norton Internet Security.

How to Uninstall Norton Software?

When you have resolved your issue, comply with the following steps, and you can easily complete the uninstallation process.

  • At first, ocean the control menu option with the menu option
  • On the control panel, you have to locate the program options
  • After that, you have to tap into the program and feature
  • A list of installed programs will appear from there; choose Norton Internet Security.
  • Click the uninstall option will appear beneath that. 

Can I delete Norton installation files?

You can delete the Norton installation file before the uninstallation process or when you have already uninstalled it; you have to install and then try deleting the Norton Internet Security installation file. 
How to reinstall Norton
Follow the points stated below when you have uninstalled the Norton Internet Security and wish to install it again.

  • Download the Norton Remove with the web directory.
  • Go to the download, and tap on the NRnR file
  • Click on the agree to the procedure and then tap on the continue icon
  • When the procedure is completed, then choose the restart now.

How long does Norton take to Uninstall

The uninstallation time for the Norton Internet Security can be around 15 minutes because when you are uninstalling the Norton, your pc has to restart many times, that's why.
So for the doubts about how I deleted Norton's internet security, this article can be used as guidance.

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