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Is Earthlink a Good Internet Provider? Reviews & More

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Is EarthLink a good internet provider?

EarthLink is an American internet service provider company known for good after-sales and customer service. The company was founded in March 1994 as EarthLink Network Inc. It provides various plans; you can choose the one as per your requirement. The plans range from low to high amounts, providing 3MBPS to 1GB of speed.

Is EarthLink a good internet provider?

Yes, EarthLink is a good internet provider, but on its usage, there are some pros and cons, which are below.


  1. The company is known to serve its customers with an excellent customer service facility.
  2. The internet is served through high-speed optic fibers.
  3. One of the critical factors that make EarthLink a top company is available in 48 states.
  4. The EarthLink users can enjoy their unlimited data without any hassle or interruption.


  1. The major drawback with EarthLink is that its data plans are sky high with the kind of plans they offer. The prices also vary geographically, so you have to pay a different price for the same plan depending upon your location.
  2. The installation part is also not handled by EarthLink. In the case of the outrages, the company does not boast any responsibility.

What type of internet is EarthLink?

EarthLink provides both fiber and DSL (Digital Subscriber Line): The fiber link is called a hyperlink by EarthLink. In this minute, glass strands called fiber optics are used, which increases the speed of the internet and is much faster than the standard cable internet. It is ten times faster than the cable internet. A typical drawback of such a type of network is that it is not easily available everywhere. So your desire to use hyperlinks, as EarthLink calls it, depends upon your location and geography.

Digital Subscriber Line: This is a typical network system that EarthLink uses to cater internet service to its large and remote audience. This system uses radio signals over your copper phone lines. This system slows down your internet speed compared to a much faster hyperlink system with a fiber optics network. This system serves the internet to many people as every one may not be geographically sound to use the fiber optics system.

How fast is EarthLink internet?

The speed of your internet connection depends upon the plan you subscribe to from EarthLink. The more you will pay, the more internet speed you will get. A basic plan will come with a speed of 3 Mbps extending up to 1000 Mbps in few dollars. You may or may not get the fiber optics internet by EarthLink, depending upon your location. The fiber optics network is much faster than the typical internet network.

What kind of internet is EarthLink?

EarthLink is an internet provider that provides both DSL and fiber internet service, but it is dependent on your internet plan and location. There are some areas where you can get the service of fiber internet plans like Hyperlink 100 and 1000 Mbps. 

Apart from this, all other plans are DSL and can be used for everyday internet use.

Is EarthLink reputable?

Yes. If you will check the reviews, it has been ranked A-plus by many review sites. It provides you a good internet speed at a reasonable rate. However, few customers have complained about the slow speed, but the main reason can be the selection of wrong plans on different locations. You can check some of the qualities of EarthLink below:

  • Fast internet with 100-1000 Mbps speed
  • Provides both DSL and fiber internet
  • Unlimited data with stable pricing

Is EarthLink internet good for gaming?

Yes. If you are a gamer, then EarthLink can be a good choice for you as it gives you unlimited plans for your games. You can choose the 1000Mbps plans for gaming and unlimited streaming. 

Moreover, it provides you a wide variety of download speeds to choose from for your games. You can select the best plan and enjoy your gaming without paying much.

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