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How do I fix my printer from printing blank pages?

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How Can You Fix My Printer From Printing Blank Pages?

Almost in every place from school to home, you can find a printer. They make our life easy and turn memories into photos. It has huge importance in the modern world, and now we are in a situation, where we cannot imagine a world without printers. 

However, it is a technical product and you may some kind of flaws in it. The most frustrating part is that when the printer starts printing blank pages. Though, you can easily fix printer from printing blank pages, how? We have covered some troubleshooting methods below. 

Methods to Fix Blank Pages Printing Issue 

Fortunately, there is more than one way to solve this issue. We have covered some most preferable ones. 

  1. Reset Printers 

Numerous times restarting or reset the printer can solve many complex problems. Does not matter whether the problem is related to software or hardware it works. 

  • First, turn off the power switch of the printer
  • Disconnect the printer from the main supply 
  • Here, you have to wait for three minutes, and then again restart the entire system

Once you finish the process and then don’t forget to run a test print. 

  1. Refill The Ink Cartridge 

The most common reason behind printing blank pages is the empty cartridge. However, it can be easily manageable and you can check the printing ink level with the meter. All you have to do is, first check the cartridge, and if it does not contain sufficient ink, then replace it. 

Before you use the fresh one, make sure you check the leakage. It might happen, that there will be some kind of leakage that producing such black pages.

  1. Discharge Excess Ink 

If you use a printer quite often, then there will be some sort of deposition of ink in the system. Many times person ignores this and goes for the complex issues. But, you should try this first and then move to the next one. 

The best part of it is that these days printers are quite advance. You can set the printer in automatically cleaning mode. It will remove all excess ink from the system or print head. If it does not work, then go for the deep cleaning option. All things can be accessed with software. 

These are the top ways that can help you to resolve the issues fast. All the above-mentioned points can be done without taking assistance from experts. However, for more technical and software issues, you need aid from the team. You can directly interact with the support person, all you have to visit the official site of the printer company. 

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