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Microsoft Password Recovery & Reset Guide: Microsoft Help

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Microsoft Password Reset: What are the Steps to Recover Microsoft Account Password?

If you have forgotten your Microsoft account password then don’t worry as you can reset a new password in place of the old one and regain access to your account. Microsoft account users often look for information about the Microsoft account recovery process on various devices such as windows phone. Here you will learn the steps to reset a new password for your Microsoft account by processing account recovery either on windows phone or web browser one by one.

Get All The Method To Recover Microsoft Account on Various Devices: 

>>Microsoft Password Recovery on Windows Phone

If you are using Microsoft account on windows phone and forgotten its password then you must be wondering that how do I reset my Microsoft account password on my windows phone. There is no need to worry in such case as Microsoft account password recovery is possible on windows phone with the help of steps given below:

  • Unlock your Windows phone and swipe ion start screen to go to the settings
  • Under settings select change PC settings and find accounts option there
  • Tap Accounts and then select Your Account option
  • Tap to connect Microsoft account on Your Account menu
  • Then provide your Microsoft account information and tap next button
  • After that choose the desired SkyDrive option and tap the next button
  • Then Microsoft will ask to select the account recovery option from the recovery phone number or email
  • Choose one of them and then Microsoft will send you a password reset code
  • Enter that password reset code correctly in the given box and submit it
  • Then password recovery page of Microsoft will open where you can reset a new password
  • Type new strong password for your Microsoft account then type it once more for verification
  • Once the password is verified by Microsoft save the same by tapping the save button
  • Now you can use this new Microsoft password of your for future login in your account

Microsoft Password Reset on Web Browser:

  • Go to the official website of Microsoft and select Reset Your Password option
  • A new page will open where you have to choose the reason to reset your Microsoft account password
  • Click next button and enter your Microsoft account address
  • You can also provide either your registered phone number or Skype ID in place of account address
  •  Now verify not a robot section by typing the given characters as it is in the blank box
  • Once verified tap next button and Microsoft will send you account verification code either in your recovery email or phone number
  •  Now type the same code correctly on Microsoft account recovery page and submit
  • Then you will be transferred to password reset page as soon as the code given by you is verified by Microsoft
  • Now you can reset a new password for your Microsoft account here by typing same code twice
  • Then tap save button for the later use of this new Microsoft account password

This is how Microsoft account users can reset a new password for their account when they have forgotten it and unable to access their account. In case users face any difficulty during account recovery they can get help from the Microsoft customer support team regarding the same.

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