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[Fixes] Not Working Issues with "Hey Google" or "Ok Google"

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How Can I Resolve the "Hey Google" Not Functioning Issue?

Google provides its users with the facility to search the difficult things easily through the voice search feature. This feature is available to billions of its users through Android or iOS devices in the form of a mobile application. The voice command is provided through “Hey Google” words. Sometimes, these words become ineffective to use this service on your device. This can be a reason to create chaos for some users who depend highly on the voice search command.

How to Fix "Ok Google" or "Hey Google" Inoperative Problem?

Fixing your Google Assistant not working on the Hey Google command is easy and you can do this with a snap of your finger. To fix the Ok Google or Hey Google Not Working issue, you should use the basic yet effective technical methods. You can easily do this through the following methods which are given here.

  • Set Up the Voice Match Feature
    Restart your Mobile Device
    Ensure The Proper Internet Connection

Set Up the Voice Match Feature

Voice match is an important thing to use to resume the operation of this application. This measure will ensure the smooth functioning of Google Assistant. To accomplish this feature, you need to use the steps which are given below.

  • Open the Google Assistant app on your mobile.
  • Navigate to the settings section and use it properly.
  • In the popular settings section, tap on Voice Match > Voice Model > Retrain Voice Model.

Restart your Mobile Device

Sometimes, overheating creates a situation in which the microphone of the device does not work properly. This process leads to the situation in which you will not be able to use your assistant through the Hey Google command. In this situation, you should make use of the following steps.

  • Take your mobile and restart it through its power button.
  • Use the OS and give the command of restarting your device.
  • Shut down your device and start it again to use this process.

Ensure The Proper Internet Connection

Please check the network connectivity of the device which you are using. Having a strong and active internet is the need of the hour. To accomplish this task, you should use the following steps on your device.

  • Open the settings to check whether the cellular data is on or not.
  • If this data is not working, try connecting your device to a Wi-Fi network.
  • Take an Ethernet cable and use it to gain the network on your device.

Apart from this, you can also try updating the Google Assistant app on your device to use this app carefully. Some users still face numerous issues in properly using this service due to Hey Google Not Working. In such a situation, try to connect with the customer service of Google to know more about this technical service. However, you can also grab an opportunity to learn more about the general issues of this technical service.

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