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Optus Webmail Not Working:Fix Can't Send/Receive Email Issue

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Optus Webmail is another email platform that is used for exchanging emails and you can easily sign up for the account to send mails. To exchange mails, you can either log in with the Optus website or any other platform such as Outlook, Thunderbird, or Mac Mail. However, if you are facing issues while logging into the Optus webmail account, you can follow the below-given details. 

5 Troubleshootings Steps To Fix the Optus Mail Not Working Issue

To fix the issue of Optus webmail not working, there are a few troubleshooting methods mentioned below. 

1. If you find Optus mail not working, then, first of all, check the internet connection. In case the internet connection is not working then switch to a stronger network. 

2. Re-start the device or the browser you are using. A lot of times, the browser or device stops working hence you can try fixing by restarting or rebooting the device. 

3. Make sure you are entering the correct credentials of the account. In case you end up forgetting the password of the account then you cant log in the account. 

4. You can clear your mailbox of the Optus. Sometimes the inbox gets filled and due to lack of space new mails don't pop-up. 

5. Check the settings of the Optus mail and try updating the Optus mail account from time to time. In case you are using the outdated version then maybe the mail account won't work. 

And you are done! With the help of the above steps, users can easily resolve the issue of Optus webmail not working. For doubts, contact the customer care team.


Why Can't I Access My Optus Webmail?

Suppose you want to use Optus webmail services but need access to an Optus webmail account. Then you may be facing Optus webmail not working, and if you want to know about the common issues for not accessing Optus webmail services.

  1. If you have a poor internet connection, then you may not get access to the Optus webmail account 
  2. Or, suppose your Optus webmail account is running out of storage space
  3. Lastly, the issues could be related to Optus webmail configurations, due to which you will not get access to the account.

How Do I Access my Old Optus Email? 

If you want to access your old Optus email account, then in that case, you have to open the official login page. From there, you have to choose the old username id and tap the forgot password option to create a new password, and then you have access to the old Optus email account.

What is The Mail Server For Optus?

The Optus mail server for incoming mail is POP3, and for outgoing mail, on Optus, the server port is 25.

How Do I Reset My Optus Webmail?

Suppose you want to reset your Optus Webmail account. Then you have to log in to the account page, and you have to select either forgot email or password, and accordingly move ahead with screen prompts.

How Do I Contact Optus From Overseas?

Now, some customers access Optus from overseas, and to contact the support team, you can dial this phone number +61 2 8082 5678; with the help of a contact number, you get assistance directly from the agent. 

Is Optus email a POP or IMAP account? 

Optus is an IMAP account since it gives access to the account by which people can connect to their emails from the email program on their desktop or mobile mail application.

Why is Optus Webmail Not Working? 

Sometimes people face Optus webmail issues on their computer and mobile phone for minor bugs on the desktop, their Optus webmail account getting blocked; the server being down; low speed of the internet, etc.

How do I know what outgoing mail server to use?

Follow the steps to search your outgoing mail server on Outlook

  1. Go to the menu bar in Outlook.
  2. Go to the file section and add your account.
  3. Write an email and choose an advanced option.
  4. Go to the "set up account manually."
  5. Click connect.
  6. Choose IMAP for the account type.

Check your setting: incoming mail server -, outgoing mail server -, username: Optusnet username, password - Optusnet password.

Click next and connect.

Can I use My Optus account overseas? 
Yes, You can use your Optus Account overseas, for which they can have a $10 roaming pass service that includes in plan with SMS and 1 GB of data for 24 hours.

  1. How do I get my Optus email on my iPhone?
  2. flollpo wlow the below s
  3. Then, choose your email address.
  4. Click the left arrow.
  5. Now, click the new email icon to create a new email.
  6. Then, go to the next step and write the recipient's name in the "To:" column.
  7. Enter subject.
  8. Write text and insert the file.
  9. Send email.

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