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What Causes Files to Disappear in Windows?

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There are several reasons why the files disappear in Windows, including accidental deletion ( by mistake, the user deletes the file because of the same name of different files). 

  • The other reason could be the virus or malware that deletes or damages the files entirely, so in that case, it has been suggested to use the antivirus so that it can prevent damaging the storage. 
  • The most common reason is hardware failure because the processor gets old and cannot support the file, and eventually, crashes, which causes the entire system to get disrupted and automatically removes the files. 
  • Misconfigured file system settings could misplace the files elsewhere, so they must be searched for wisely. 

These are some of the mistakes caused by which the files get lost, and they can be recovered using the information mentioned below. 

What virus makes files disappear?

Several viruses are categorized according to their target host, so from that list, the boost sector virus is the main culprit affecting the computer systems' boot sector. 
It was one of the common viruses that impacted the performance of the computer's booting system, such as the floppy disk. But the times have changed. The virus now targets external hard drives or USB drives. It slows down the processor and makes most of the files disappear. 
Users can identify the virus if the computer is not correctly booting up, and it leads to a blue or black screen with an error message. 

How do I recover a file that has disappeared?

You can recover a file that has disappeared by navigating through the folder that needs to be restored, right-clicking on it, and then choosing to restore previous versions. 
If it is a C or D drive, right-click on the storage and choose to restore previous versions from the sidebar menu.
( these previous versions are exact copies of files and folders that Windows, by default, saves at a restore point. These are also referred to as a shadow copy)

Can I permanently recover lost files?

Yes, you may Recover lost files permanently in different ways, restoring files from the backup or previous versions. Both methods are easy and accessible via the online process.

  • If restoring from the backup, open the backup and restore by choosing the start button and selecting the control panel. 
  • After that, select the system and maintenance, then choose the backup and restore. 
  • Select Restore My Files and then go as per the instructions on the screen. 
  • To restore the previous version, go to the start button and select the computer option.
  • After that, right-click on the C file and select the restore previous version, then drag the file to another location. 

For further details regarding file recovery, you can contact the customer service executive at the toll-free number 187767880333 which is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. 

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